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Solid Lotion Bar Kit

Solid Lotion Bar Kit
Create your own luxurious solid lotion bars with our all-inclusive Solid Lotion Bar Kit! Perfect for skincare enthusiasts and DIY lovers, this kit provides everything you need to craft nourishing, moisturizing lotion bars that are perfect for pampering your skin. This kit now includes our Aquatic Storm Fragrance Oil and includes step by step instructions.
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Usage & Recommendations

Making our Solid Lotion Bar:

Here's what's included in your kit:

  • All Natural Lip Balm Base
  • Aquatic Storm Fragrance Oil
  • White Small Deodorant Container
  • White Lip Balm Tubes with Caps
  • Metal Tins
  • Round Bars Soap Mold
  • Disposable Pipette

Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need: Mixing Bowl, Mixing Spoon, Microwave, Scale.


  1. Weigh out and melt 16 ounces of the lip balm base in a deep mixing bowl. Melt the base in 30 second intervals, stirring between each 30-second burst.

  2. Once your lip balm base is in a fluid state, add 10 grams of the Aquatic Storm Fragrance Oil.  Stir to blend the ingredients together.

  3. Begin pouring your lotions bars. First, make sure all of the lip balm tubes and deodorant stick containers have their dials turned all the way to the down position. Fill each of your lip balm tubes using a pipette. Then, fill each deodorant stick container. Allow these to set up undisturbed.

  4. The remainder of the base will be poured into your mold. Fill each cavity of the round bars mold. Allow these to set up completely before removing them from the mold. We put ours in the freezer for about 15 minutes to ensure they were nice and solid. Since the lotion bar melts with your body heat, it is ideal to have them a bit colder when removing them.

  5. Once you have removed your solid lotion bars from the mold, place them into the 6 oz tins. Add a lid.

Your lotion bar is now ready to use!


Kit Specifics:
16 Ounces
Time to Make:
30 Minutes
Instructions Included?


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