Soap Additives (210 Products)

A little of this and a little of that! Soap additives can give your soap projects new life with benefits to skin and beautiful accents. Additives play a critical role in DIY soap making, shaping the texture and overall appearance, providing additional benefits to the skin, and extending shelf life.

Texture, Color, and Appearance
Additives can help to improve the texture and appearance of the soap. For example, adding oatmeal or clay can create a gentle exfoliating effect and give the soap a unique texture. Adding natural colorants such as turmeric or beet root powder can create vibrant colors without the use of synthetic dyes.

Surfactants, Exfoliants, and Emolliants, Oh My!
Additives also give your soaps additional benefits to the user's skin. Adding
shea butter or cocoa butter can provide extra moisturizing properties to the soap. Spirulina powder brings vitamin B12, vitamin F, iron, natural beta carotene, and anti-inflammatory properties. We carry a large variety of natural additives including dried herbs, seeds, powders, and oils. Additives are perfect for when your soap is missing that last special touch.

Finally, additives can help to extend the shelf life of the soap by acting as a natural preservative. For example, adding
vitamin E oil or rosemary can help to prevent the oils in the soap from going bad.

Creative Expression
Creative expression and customization is vital to the soap making experience. With a wide variety of natural ingredients to choose from, soap makers can create unique and personalized soap blends that cater to their specific needs and preferences. If you're lacking a bit of creativity at the moment, check out our
Soap Recipe Center for some inspiration!