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Scenting your home provides comfort, calm and special warm aesthetic. There are a variety of ways to scent and clean your home the natural way:

Potpourri: You can create your own potpourri by combining dried flowers, herbs, and spices. Place the mixture in bowls around your home for a earth, herbal, and natural scent.

Make Your Own
Odor Eliminator Spray: Instead of masking odors around the home, take our unscented odor eliminator base, add either essential or fragrance oils at the recommended level and smell those bad odors disappear from your home. This is a customer favorite for a reason!

Sage Smudging Sticks: Sage smudging is a practiced tradition to clear negative energy and naturally cleanse your space. The smell and afterglow after even just a few moments of a lit bundle is enough to pierce stagnant odors and help your stress start to melt away.