Candle Making Supplies (299 Products)

Nature’s Garden was founded on candle making. We pay homage to our legacy by providing the most quality and versatile candle making supplies on the market. Our waxes, wicks and containers are continually tested to ensure we’re providing the best candle making supplies to you, our Nature’s Garden family. Let's start with the basics:

Candle Wax
Nature’s Garden offers a variety of the candle waxes you’ll love like Pillar of Bliss, Joy Wax (perfect for beginners or those who hate headaches), Golden Brands soy waxes and Palm Pillar wax. Whether it’s tarts, pillars or statement candles, we have you covered.

Candle Wicks
We stock a variety of pre-tabbed candle wicks including favorites like cotton and zinc core to hemp candle wicks. Cotton wicks (CD & HTP) are loved for their clean burn and ability to provide a consistent flame. Hemp wicks are a great, all-natural choice, especially perfect for larger candles as they burn slowly.

Candle Colorants
Have fun with your candles! From natural candle colorants to vibrant neon liquid dyes, there are a variety of types of coloring agents:

Dye blocks - These are small blocks or chips of color that are added to the wax. They are available in a wide range of colors and can be easily mixed to create custom shades.

Liquid dyes - These are liquid colorants that can be added to the wax. They come in a variety of colors and are easy to mix.

Natural colorants - These are derived from natural sources such as herbs, spices, and flowers. They can be added directly to the wax or infused in oils and added to the wax.

Candle Additives
For those of you who want to take your candles to the next level, Nature’s Garden offers candle making additives like Vybar 260, Vybar 103, vegetable Stearic Acid, assorted micas, UV light inhibitor, and beeswax. These candle additives help to improve the quality of your candles by improving the scent throw and preventing your candle’s color from being bleached by the sun.

Candle Fragrances
We test each one of our fragrance oils to ensure they're 100% pure and stay strong over time. We've curated our favorite fragrance oils for candle making with the perfect scents and amount of throw.

Candle Containers & Jars
The candle vessel and packaging you choose says a lot about you and your creations! Let your projects shine with our glass and candle tins of all different shapes and sizes. We carry classic and modern glass jars as well as heat resistant metal tins great for candles.

Wax Tarts
We carry everything you need to make the most vibrant and unique wax melts. Browse through our rainbow of wax melt colorants that come in all different forms like liquid, dye blocks and micas. Our wax molds range from seasonal to staples and unique molds like mixed fruit are right on trend.

Candle Making Kits
Whether you’re looking for an intermediate to advanced soy candle making kit or a fun and novel candle making kit for beginners, we make candle making easy with unique scents and complete instructions.