Fragrance Oils (1540 Products)

At Nature’s Garden, Fragrance Oils are a part of our DNA. We test our oils in both soaps and candles and love to talk about what we love about each fragrance oil. We'll also give our experience when testing it in our own creations: whether we experienced separation, acceleration, or discoloration in CP soaps as well as how it behaves in different candle waxes and other cosmetics.

We're quite picky about our fragrance oils and look for the following before offering them to our customers:
1. 100% Pure: we only supply strong oils with no dilution or added chemicals.
2. Strength of Fragrance: the scent needs to be distinct and noticeable, but not overpowering.
3. Stability and Longevity: a good fragrance oil needs to hold up over time with no drop in strength whether still in the bottle or in your favorite candle.
4. Versatility: the ideal fragrance oil can be used in candles, soaps, massage oils, and a variety of cosmetics.
5. Safety: each fragrance oil comes with a Safety Data Sheet and Ingredients list for allergies.
6. Shelf-Life: each fragrance oil meets the industry standard shelf-life of six months to one year from date of purchase.

We are constantly doting over our newly released fragrance oils and building collections for you to browse. With an ever growing list of Fragrance Oils for skin and candle use, we invite you to come back often to find our latest scents.