Packaging Supplies (142 Products)

A good brand creates with a great product. A great brand takes a great product and elevates it with beautiful containers, complementary labeling, and a cohesive package that really sells a feeling. The look of a simple metal tin or colored PET bottle can take your end-product up a notch. Easy-to-use pumps and sprayers help to cleanly dispense the beautiful creations you work so hard on. It's easy to spend all your time finding the perfect combination of fragrance oils and forget to find the right jar for your newest line of candles.

Candle Packaging Supplies:
Express your creativity and personal style with a jar that matches the uniqueness of your candle. We carry a variety of glass and
metal jars that are heat-resistant with different lid styles. Going for a rustic scent? Try matching your jars with bronze or pewter lids. Going for a clean, uplifting scent? Look at our straight sided jars with gold lids.

Soap & Cosmetic Packaging Supplies:
We carry everything for your hygiene and cosmetic creations: deodorant stick tubes, lotion pump dispensers, lip gloss containers, and PET lotion jars and PET bullet bottles for shampoos and conditioners. With a variety of sizes and color options, hunting for your ideal combination is an exciting part of capping off your newest products!