16 oz. Mason Jars with Pewter Lids

16 oz Mason Jars with Pewter Lids - Image

If you'd like to try making candles in a Mason jar, our 16 oz candle jars with pewter lids are the perfect choice for your next candle making project. A 16 oz Mason jar candle offers a lot of benefits when it comes to candle making, including easy storage, less clean up, safer burning conditions, long lasting, any make great gifts. Our Mason jars for candles are sturdy and stylish and can become a wonderful part of your decor once completed. Sold in a pack of 12 jars.
Container Specifics:
Wax Capacity:
13.25 ounces
Jar Height:
5 1/2"
Jar Diameter:
2 3/4"
Lids Included?


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