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Whipped Soap Base

Whipped Soap Base


Whipped Soap Base

Natures Garden's Whipped Soap Base:  Use this base to create your own bath frosting, shaving soap, foaming body butter, and foaming sugar scrubs.  Simply whip our base with a mixer, add fragrance oil and coloring (if desired), and spoon into jars.  Our rich, luxurious-feeling whipped soap base leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.  This whipped soap base is bright white in color and does not substantially deflate after packaging. 


Our whipped soap base can be colored with soap coloring, and fragranced with Natures Garden's Body safe fragrances.  When using fragrances in the whipped soap base, we suggest using 1-5% fragrance in your finished product.  Additional carrier oils can be added to this base, but we do not suggest adding any more than 5%.  When making foaming sugar scrub, please note that some of your sugar will dissolve in the base.  Fragrance oils can and may discolor your finished product.  When using fragrance oils with a vanillin content higher than 1%, you may want to consider using vanilla white stabilizer to reduce discoloration. 

Whipped Soap Ingredients:  Glycerin, Sorbitol, Purified Water, Myristic Acid, Stearic Acid, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Chloride, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Tetrasodium EDTA.

Shelf Life:  1 year

Natures Garden Candle Supply is not responsible for products you create from our bases.

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4.5 19 Whipped Soap Base

Love the whipped soap base but leave a tight filmy feeling

4 Whipped Soap Base

Reviewer: from Texas

Hi I purchased the whipped soap base and when I made my sugar scrubs it will leave a tight feeling and it also leaves behind a filmy residue. I just want to know what I can possibly add extra to my scrubs so that the filmy residue will not be there and leaves the skin moisturized after it is washed off... Please help....

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No Soapy Smell

4 Whipped Soap Base

Reviewer: from Fort Worth, Tx

This is what I tested for: The whip consistency, soapy smell, color, fragrance, with & without 2 types of carrier oil and sugar (I tested 1 oil at a time). I was satisfied with the results. Color & fragrance mixed in well, sugar blended fantastic, the carrier oils gave it a smoother texture like a body butter/lotion consistency. I didn't experience the gummy/tacky texture other reviewers experienced. I did like the fact it didn't have a soapy smell.
Now, the only thing that I didn't like, after I rinsed the product off, it didn't leave a moisturizing feeling to my skin, especially after I added oil to it. Anyway, sorry for the long review. I just felt like that's what reviewers wanted to know.

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Best Whipped Soap

5 Whipped Soap Base

Reviewer: from Arizona

I have tried all the bath butters, foaming bath whips from several other companies over the years and NG's whipped soap in my experience is the best. I no longer will use any other whipped soap. I love the consistency of it, it takes my additives beautifully without thinning out and in 4 years have not had one complaint from my customers. While I know other places offer lower shipping options just figure that shipping into your product cost/pricing. It is worth the product.

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Amazing Product! Make it your own!

5 Whipped Soap Base

Reviewer: from Alabama

I have seen people rating this complaining about things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with this product itself, but their own recipe. This is simply a base. You have to add things to it to get the EXACT results you are looking for. With that said, this has quickly turned into my highest selling product, selling out of 3 batches in less than 24 hours on my website. I add a couple different oils and such to mine, and it is even safe enough for my boyfriend with super sensitive skin to shave with on his face! I would recommend this base to anyone serious about great quality at a great price.

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5 Whipped Soap Base

Reviewer: from Charlotte NC

I used this base for the foaming frosted body recipe, and I sold out in three minutes! I used the Kumquat fragrance oil, and the ladies bought me out, and now I have more orders. The recipe is simple and It leaves the skin feeling smooth! Ordering again!

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tight & dry feeling needing to add moisturizer after use.

3 Whipped Soap Base

Reviewer: from Colorado

nice base texture, great lather little goes a long way. However recently I am getting some customer feed back that some are saying it is making their skin dry and tight so they are having to apply a moisturizer after used in a sugar scrub. just wondering if anyone else is getting similar feed back?

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I loved I used face cruda body scrub

5 Whipped Soap Base

Reviewer: from California

All the products are good the essential oils soap are

Good cuality

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Works Well..But don't add carrier oil!

5 Whipped Soap Base

Reviewer: from Largo, MD

The base whipped up great and did well with NG's Fragrance oils. But adding additional oil (Almond for example) gave the base a sticky, squeaky feel on the skin. No product flaw. Just be wary of the oil addition.

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5 Whipped Soap Base

Reviewer: from Fontana, Ca. USA

This soap base is excellent! Thank you Natures Garden.

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My Favorite!

5 Whipped Soap Base

Reviewer: from Lincoln, RI USA

I love this whipped soap base! Its perfect for making frosting for my cupcake soaps. It lathers wonderfully and is very easy to work with. Highly recommended!

3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no

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