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Golden Brands 415 Soy Wax

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Golden Brands 415 Soy Wax

Golden Foods 415 Soy Wax is 100% natural with no additives and the perfect choice for your next candle or cosmetic creation. This soy wax comes in flake form so it is easy to work with, and is even FDA regulated for food consumption, so you can feel comfortable using it for creations like lip balm. Our Golden Foods 415 Soy Wax is made from US grown soybeans and is incredibly versatile, blending beautifully with other waxes to help you create the highest quality homemade candles and cosmetics imaginable!

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Usage & Recommendations

Tips for using our Golden Brands 415 Soy Wax:

Directions for Use:

  1. Heat soy wax to 185 degrees F
  2. Add your coloring of choice
  3. Add 1.5 oz. of Natures Garden concentrated fragrance oil of your choice
  4. Stir to mix everything
  5. Allow your soy wax to cool at room temperature until it reaches 110 degrees F (it will be slightly slushy in appearance)
  6. Pour soy wax at this temperature into candle containers
  7. Allow to set up at room temperature

415 Soy Wax Tips:

  1. Heavier fragrances (fragrances with higher flash points) can be added at 185 degrees F. Lighter fragrances (fragrances with lower flash points) such as citrus type fragrances, should be added at around 160 degrees F.
  2. Do not get your soy wax hotter than 200 degrees F or it may begin to discolor. It used to be thought that adding fragrance to soy wax at a low temperature would prevent it from evaporating out of the wax prematurely (we used to suggest adding fragrance to soy wax at 130 degrees F). However, our testing has shown us that fragrance needs to be added at a hotter temperature so that the fragrance properly binds with the soy wax.
  3. Soy Wax has a natural frosting look. In order to reduce this frosting look on the tops of your candles, apply heat to finished candles with a hot hair dryer.


Product Details:
Wax Type:
Soy Wax
Container Wax:
Tart & Votive Wax:
Pillar Wax:
Wax Form:
Product Specifications:
Hydrogenated soybean oil
Sap Value:
NaOH(.137) KOH(.192)


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