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NG 100% Soy Wax

NG 100% Soy Wax


Soy Wax

Natures Garden 100% Soy Wax is an all natural wax with no preservatives, and no additives.  This wax is Golden Foods 415 soy wax.  Our soy wax is FDA regulated for food consumption, and is also Kosher. Our soy wax comes in flake form, and is very easy to work with.  Our soy wax can be used in lip balm formulations and other cosmetic formulations.  Our flavorings (not fragrances) can be mixed with our soy wax to create fun, flavored, soy wax lip balms.

Cases weigh approximately 50 pounds each.  A skidload is 36 cases of wax.  

Sap Value: NaOH(.137) KOH(.192)
INCI:  Hydrogenated soybean oil

Directions and information:  Heat soy wax to 185 degrees F.  Add coloring.  Add 1.5 oz. of Natures Garden concentrated fragrance oil of your choice, stir.    Heavier fragrances (fragrances with higher flash points) can be added at 185 degrees F.  Lighter fragrances (fragrances with lower flash points) such as citrus type fragrances, should be added at around 160 degrees F.  Allow your soy wax to cool at room temp until it reaches 110 degrees F.  Your wax will be slightly slushy in appearance.  Pour soy wax at this temperature into candle containers.  Allow to set up at room temp.

Note:  Do not get your soy wax hotter than 200 degrees F or it may begin to discolor.  It used to be thought that adding fragrance to soy wax at a low temperature would prevent it from evaporating out of the wax prematurely (we used to suggest adding fragrance to soy wax at 130 degrees F).  However, our testing has shown us that fragrance needs to be added at a hotter temperature so that the fragrance properly binds with the soy wax.  Heavier fragrances containing vanilla can be added to the hot soy wax at around 185 degrees F; while we suggest adding lighter, lower flash point fragrances such as citrus type fragrances, at 160 degrees F.  Citrus type fragrances can break down at high temps; this is why we suggest adding them to the hot wax at this lower temp.

Soy Wax has a natural frosting look.  In order to reduce this frosting look on the tops of your candles, apply heat to finished candles with a hot hair dryer. 

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4.0 10 NG 100% Soy Wax


5 NG 100% Soy Wax

Reviewer: from Austin, TX

I am absolutely obsessed with soy wax. It is great with natures garden fragrance oils. They have great cold and hot throw. My customers love the natural frosted look my soy candles have!

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No hot throw...

2 NG 100% Soy Wax

Reviewer: from Chicago

I have tried several variations and tests with this wax and have not been able to get any sort of hot throw.. I have tried hemp wicks, CD wicks, cotton wicks.. adding the fragrance oil at temperatures between 185-160F and still have not had good results..I am now using 1.5ozFO/1lb wax still with no luck.. I also tried Joy wax recently, and again followed the instructions and only got a faint scent throw..very frustrating.

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Best wax out there!

5 NG 100% Soy Wax

Reviewer: from Ohio

I have been using the 100% soy wax for years, I have tried just about every Soy wax out there and once I purchased this wax I don't plan on buying from any other candle supplier. Great scent throw hot or cold. If poured at the correct temp I get nice smooth tops, if not just take a heat gun to the top of the candle but that rarely happens for me. Plus the customer service is the best out there.

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Making Natural Candles

5 NG 100% Soy Wax

Reviewer: from Bluffton SC US

I create all natural candles with essential oils and 415 soy wax is perfect! I find my cold and hot throw to be awesome. A great wax for my container candles.

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Worked great

4 NG 100% Soy Wax

Reviewer: from Ormond Beach, FL US

This was the first time I've made Soy Massage Candles and I must say this wax worked great! Very easy to work with.

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I might keep using this

4 NG 100% Soy Wax

Reviewer: from Parma Heights, OH US

I purchased this on the recommendation from one of the reps in the store when I discussed that I was having trouble with my hot throw scents. The directions on the site really helped me improve my scents with this soy wax. I do not care for the unsmooth tops though.

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Fine for Tarts

4 NG 100% Soy Wax

Reviewer: from Moroni, UT US

I bought this to try making tarts because it was the only wax available in small quantities. :P I imagine other options would be a tad less touchy, but it worked fine. I did have to make sure not to overheat and got some brown bits in a few, but no biggie- they're just for me. The wax dries a bit opaque as well, which might make another option better for presentation. Either way, throw is great, it's easy to work with, no major issues or complaints.

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Great wax

5 NG 100% Soy Wax

Reviewer: from US

This is a great wax, I've been using it for years! It is not the prettiest but that is the nature of 100% soy. Throw is excellent!!! I highly suggest anyone wanting to buy wax to thoroughly research each one since they all have different melt points and characteristics which in turn causes handling to be different for each one.

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Customer fpr a decade

5 NG 100% Soy Wax

Reviewer: from Adena, OH US

I've been using Nature's Garden for 10 + years now and though some scents have not turned out to be favorites ( which is no fault to the wholesaler for they just provided the product and what I don't like someone else will ) I don't usually write reviews, uless a scent really took off and I felt people should know but when i saw the first review on this wax i was very upset and had too speak my mind, It's been a best seller for me. My tarts go as fast as I make them . They have a nice clean burn,,great scent throw, easy clean up, and safer around families over all . I sell candles on the side, i never was satisfied with candles i bought so i decided to make my own, after months of tests your wax took the prize and I've used it ever since. Having your great 100 % soy wax and great fragrances have been a good reason form to still be making them and able to sell enough to make a little bit of extra money. Thank you and those just starting looking for a safe burn plz don't let one bad review sway you, I've had great experience with this product! Give it a try I myself do not think you will be disappointed,

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1 NG 100% Soy Wax

Reviewer: from Newark, NJ US

This wax is very low grade...frosts and has no scent throw whatsoever, I definitely can't sell this to a customer...I've paid the same price for much more soy wax from a different company and better results...I am now using a new company with better quality products for my candle making...this should be NO STARS!!! What a waste of money time and energy!!!

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