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Sesame seed oil is a light oil that is high in antioxidants and vitamins, making it a valuable addition to your list of ingredients for a range of homemade products. Sesame seed oil remains a liquid at room temperature, and does a great job as a luxurious, conditioning oil in cold process and hot process soap making. If you plan to use sesame seed oil in higher volumes in your recipes, keep in mind that it has a distinct, natural aroma. You can use our sesame seed oil in a range of different recipes for massage oils, scrubs, lip gloss, lotions, and soaps. This product is packaged in opaque, white HDPE plastic bottle to reduce exposure to sunlight. We recommend storing it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for best results.

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Usage & Recommendations

Tips for using our sesame seed oil:

Our recommendation for sesame seed oil usage in soap is 5% - 10%.

Gallons are sold by volume and not weight. One gallon weighs approximately 7.5 lbs.

Sesame Seed Oil contains the following essential fatty acids: Palmitic- 10%, Stearic- 5%, Oleic- 40%, Linoleic- 43%

Product Specifics:
Sesame Seed Oil (Sesamum Indicum)
Shelf Life:
1 Year


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