Lanolin Oil

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Our liquid lanolin oil is a type of lanolin that is produced by heating lanolin at low temperatures to remove the liquid esters. This type of lanolin is much less viscous than the typical variety, and it provides excellent waterproofing and moisturizing quality to skin care products and lip care formulations. You can use lanolin oil as a substitute for mineral oil in most of your recipes and formulations, as a great ingredient in lip balms, lotions, creams, hair care products, and other bath and body products that require moisturizing properties. Our lanolin oil is packaged in an opaque white HDPE plastic bottle to reduce exposure to sunlight, and we recommend storing it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for best results.

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Lanolin Oil is used in formulations of lip balms, lotions, creams, haircare products and other bath related products that require moisturizing properties.

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Lanolin Oil
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