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Shimmering Gel Potpourri Kit

Shimmering Gel Potpourri Kit
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Usage & Recommendations

Making our Shimmering Gel Potpourri:

Here's what you'll get in this wax tarts kit:

  • Golden Foods Soy Wax 415
  • Avocado Oil
  • Diamond Dust Mica
  • Violet Color Block
  • Garden Pixie Fragrance Oil
  • 8 oz. Bottles
  • Disc Top Lids 

Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need: Pouring Pot, Thermometer, Mixing Spoon, Stovetop, Measuring Spoon, Scale, Pot (for double boiler method), Funnel


  1. Weigh out the soy wax and place it in a pouring pot along with a small amount of the violet color block.  Using the double boiler, melt the wax to 185F.  As the wax is melting, stir occasionally.
  2. Once the wax is melted, stir to ensure the violet colorant is fully blended.  Add the Garden Pixie Fragrance Oil and Diamond Dust.  Stir to blend the fragrance oil.
  3. Add the avocado oil.  Once again, stir.  Allow the temperature to drop to around 140F.
  4. Place a funnel in one of the 8 oz. bottles.  Pour the mixture into one of your bottles.  Repeat to fill your second bottle.  Allow the mixture to finish cooling and place a lid on top.


To use simply squeeze a small amount of the gel in your wax burner!

Kit Specifics:
2 bottles
Time to Make:
1 hour
Instructions Included?


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