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Crushed Wax Melts Kit

Crushed Wax Melts Kit

Fall in love with our Crushed Wax Melts Kit! Not only will these wax melts smell amazing, they will also provide a beautiful shimmer in your wax burner. This starter kit comes with instructions and ingredients to make these wax tarts that are scented with our Crushed Wax Melts. Whether you love making wax melts for your own use, to give away as gifts, or to add to your existing product line, these wax tarts are wonderful.
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Making our Crushed Wax Melts:

Here's what you'll get in this wax tarts kit:

  • Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax

  • Crushing On You Fragrance Oil

  • Rosebud Silicone Mold

  • Black Color Block

  • Burgundy Color Block

  • Mica

Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need: Mixing Bowl, Mixing Spoon, Scale, Mixing Spoon, Pot (For Double Boiler)


  1. First, weigh out and melt 120 grams of the Pillar of Bliss Wax to 195F.  

  2. Add an ample amount of the burgundy and black color blocks.  You want to create a deep burgundy color.  

  3. Add about 1/16 tsp of the Iridescent Gold to the wax.  Stir.

  4. Add 12 grams of the Crushing on You Fragrance Oil.  Stir.  

  5. Now, fill each cavity of the Rosebud Mold.  Allow them to set up before removing them from the mold.

  6. Once cured, your wax melts are ready to use.  You will have enough ingredients to repeat this recipe two additional times.

    Your wax melts are ready to use!  Simply place a melt in your burner to use it! Enjoy!!!

Kit Specifics:
45 wax tarts
Time to Make:
1 hour
Instructions Included?


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