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Massage Oil Kit

Massage Oil Kit

Do you want to learn how to make a high-quality, non-greasy, detangling hair conditioner from scratch? Our hair conditioner kit gives you everything you need to make a wonderful, fragrant hair conditioner that will leave your hair looking and feeling great all day long. This kit makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who is into homemade hair care treatments, as it comes with complete instructions, and is easy to use. You can also keep it for yourself if you want to make your own conditioner. Our hair conditioner kit provides enough ingredients to make two 8 oz bottles of hair conditioner.
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Product Details

Usage & Recommendations

Making our Massage Oil:

Here's what's included in your kit:

  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Island Petals Fragrance Oil
  • Hibiscus Flowers Whole
  • Whole Jasmine Flowers
  • Bottles
  • Disc Lids

Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need: Mixing Bowl, Mixing Spoon, Funnel, Scale


  1. In your mixing bowl, weigh out 426 grams of Sweet Almond Oil and 29 grams of Jojoba Oil. Stir.
  2. To your mixing bowl add your fragrance oil. Using your pipette, add 8 mL of the Island Petals Fragrance Oil. Once again, stir.
  3. Now, place a bottle on your scale. Place your funnel in the first bottle. Add 108 grams of your oil mixture. Repeat this process, filling the remaining bottles. Remove the funnel.
  4. To each of your bottles, add 3 grams of the whole hibiscus. If needed, break up the hibiscus into smaller pieces.
  5. Next, add the jasmine. You will need to add less than 1 gram to each bottle.
  6. Place a lid on each bottle.

Your massage oil is now ready to use!



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Kit Specifics:
4 Bottles
Time to Make:
30 minutes
Instructions Included?


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