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Our castor oil for soap making will help you create soap that produces a rich and creamy lather that's hard to resist. Our castor oil is a humectant that attracts moisture to your skin and is a great addition to any soap making process. It can also be used for lip balms, and massage oils to create a silky feel that everyone will love. Our castor oil is packaged in opaque, white HDPE plastic bottles to reduce exposure to sunlight.

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Usage & Recommendations

Tips for using our castor oil:

We recommend using 5% - 8% castor oil in cold process/hot process soap recipes. When castor oil is used more than 10% in cold process/hot process soap, it can make your soap sticky.

Castor oil contains the following essential fatty acids: Ricin oleic- 90% Oleic- 4% Linoleic- 4% 

Product Specifics:
Castor Seed Oil (Ricinus Communis) 
Shelf Life:
1 Year


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