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Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Joy Wax- 1 SLAB


Joy Wax

Each slab is 10-12 pounds each.  A wonderful combination of soy wax, other vegetable waxes, food grade paraffin, and proprietary ingredients.  Available only at Natures Garden! 

We're so HAPPY about Joy Wax tm...we're doing a Joy Dance!! Joy Wax tm is only sold at Natures Garden. We have helped create a wonderful container candle wax that provides excellent cold and hot scent throw without any curing time necessary. Joy Wax holds more fragrance than most waxes on the market; without seepage. Joy Wax clings nicely to the sides of jars, and has a nice creamy, glossy appearance. Joy Wax requires that you pour only once in most jars, allows you to create candles rich in color, and has a wonderful melt pool. You do not have to add any additives to joy wax for it to perform wonderfully.

Note:  We personally test each batch of joy wax that is manufactured for us to ensure quality.  We test each batch using 100% joy wax, color, fragrance oil, and CD wicking.    However, since wax can differ from batch to batch, joy wax may vary on its level of creaminess.  In the event that joy wax is less creamy than a previous batch, we suggest that you add 1 ounce of crisco shortening per pound of joy wax.  Crisco is a low melt point soy product.  This will allow the wax to cling better to your jars, and will reduce the incidence of frosting and cracking of the wax. 

Directions for use: Melt joy wax (using a double-boiler method) to 200F. Add coloring to your specifications. Drop the temperature to 175-170F. Add 1 ounce of fragrance oil per pound of joy wax. Pour into containers at 165-160F. Wick your containers, and allow to cool at room temperature. We have found that CD wicks work the best in this wax, however, HTP, Zinc, Hemp and Performa wicks may also be used with great success. As with any wax, trim your wicks before lighting candles. We invite you to try our Joy Wax, put it to the test against your regular wax, and SMELL and SELL the difference! You too will want to do a JOY DANCE! 

Joy wax may differ from batch to batch.  All wax sales are final; we do not accept returns, and we do not offer replacements for any waxes we sell.  Please be aware of this when ordering.  There will be no exceptions.

NOTE:  When ordering large quantities of wax, our shopping cart may not reflect the correct shipping estimates.  You are charged exactly what UPS charges us for shipping.  This may require us to adjust your billing before we charge your credit card.  When ordering 40 or more cases of wax, your order will be shipped via LTL Freight, and you will be charged according to their shipping costs

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4.5 79 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB


5 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Reviewer: from Gaithersburg

I kind of got pushed into adding candles to my lineup and wasn’t sure where to start. I was very hesitant to buy 10 pounds of wax with no prior experience. I’m so glad I did though. Joy wax melts easily, binds well with the fragrance and pours easily and smoothly. Great wax!

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Best wax for containers candles ever!

5 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Reviewer: from NV

I have been through so many waxes looking for a good cold and hot throw. This wax has never failed me. Great throw and so easy to work with. One pour and done!

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5 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Reviewer: from Vancouver, WA

When I first started making candles two and a half years ago, I wanted to find a wax that would get me as close to perfect for my candles as possible. Joy wax definitely made that possible! I get smooth tops every time, it adheres perfectly to the jars, and it throws the fragrance oils so strongly be it hot or cold throw. I could not ask for better wax and I have since switched over to getting a case of it.

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poor adhesion & sink holes

3 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Reviewer: from Florida

Melted/poured according to Nature's Garden's recommendations. Used four 8oz hex jars. Four out of four jars had fair/poor jar adhesion. Three of four jars had sink holes. Will add Crisco (as recommended by NG) next time to see if that helps. Candles have fair CT. After cure will test for HT.

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Everything I expected

5 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Reviewer: from WV

Where to begin! I wanted to make candles to give to friends and family for Christmas, and so sell locally. I've seen a few vids on YT and on here before placing my first order of wax and jars. When I say everything I expected, I mean it, and more! The joy wax preformed beautifully and the scents I chose are very clear. The jar adhesion is also very nice. a few spots didn't stick but I'm chalking that up to user error as this was my very first time working with candles

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Love this wax for container candles

5 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Reviewer: from Richmond, KY

I used to use hard waxes and would have to pour my candles 2-3 times! I LOVE this wax because I only have to pour it once. The candles look beautifully smooth, they burn slowly and cleanly, and the scent retention and throw is really good.

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Impressive Wax

5 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Reviewer: from Columbus, Ohio

I am very impressed with this Joy Wax! I have compared it next to the IGI 6006 wax and honestly I like the Joy Wax better. I am so happy to find a company where I can order my wax and my fragrance oils from. Joy Wax will be my staple wax for now on!

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Easy to Use and Great CT/HT

5 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Reviewer: from Portland, OR

I have tried a number of waxes, and keep coming back to this. It melts quickly but allows ample time to add fragrance & color. The pour is always excellent - very smooth and creamy. Adherence is good, too. I rarely have any problems with it. Colors retention is wonderful with none of the frosting seen in pure soy.
Hot and cold throw is excellent. I'm puzzled by any reviews that say differently. I would say if you are not getting the hot throw you expect, try changing wicks & experimenting with different fragrance oils. I'm currently using a ribbon wick and love the throw I get.
I wanted to go paraffin free for the customers who don't want paraffin candles, but honestly, it's not worth it when this performs so much better.

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First Timer Major Success!!!

5 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Reviewer: from Danbury CT

I am a newbie to candle making, so I did my research and read the many reviews. I decided to start by experimenting with the joy wax kit. I found the instructions easy to follow. I did have a few sink holes which I now know how to fix, but even if I didn' candles were ready to burn on Easter Sunday with my family (a highly critical bunch lol) and they were beautiful!! Burned clean and clear...scent throw was nice, too. I personally like a strong hot throw and thought the Strawberry Passion was a little weak, but my brother found it to be delightful, so its a matter of preference, I guess.
Can't wait to buy more!!!!

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Love Joy Wax!

5 Joy Wax- 1 SLAB

Reviewer: from Iowa

This is my first time using Joy Wax and I have to admit, it went well beyond expectations. After making candles for almost a decade and exclusively used just soy wax, Joy Wax definitely has a better scent throw. Love this!

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