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Our aroma sachet beads are fragrance absorbing plastic beads that can absorb 30% fragrance oil to create a wide range of aromatic products to freshen the air and brighten your life. You can use them as air fresheners in sachets, in smelly jars, closets, automobiles, lockers, shoes, vacuum cleaners, drawers, vacuum cleaner bags, air cleaner vents, and more. You can also make scented ornaments that are great for gift giving or to add to your existing product line. It's important to keep in mind that scented beads can damage wood, plastic, or painted surfaces. You also shouldn't use aroma beads in a heated potpourri burner, or as candle wax. Remember to use warning labels on these products when selling them.

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Tips for using our aroma beads:

Instructions for one finished cup of aroma beads:

  1. Mix together 1/4 cup of your choice of Nature’s Garden Candle Supply fragrance oil and 1-4 drops of liquid candle dye.
  2. Pour this mixture over 1 cup of aroma beads (sachet beads).
  3. Mix with a wooden stick or metal spoon.
  4. Allow your aroma beads to absorb the fragrance and color for at least 1 day or until they become dry.
  5. Once the aroma beads are dry, you can put them in smelly jelly jars, or in sachet bags.

Do not use food coloring, and do not use soap coloring.

If you are mixing your aroma beads in a container that has a lid, put the lid on and shake the bead mixture really well.

Add 1/4 tsp of mica pigment or cosmetic grade fine glitter to your mixture while the beads are still wet to create a sparkling effect.

If you notice that the aroma beads are still wet after 5 days, add a little more aroma beads to your mixture and shake.


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