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Reed Stick Diffuser BASE

Reed Stick Diffuser BASE
 Reed Stick Diffuser BASE


Reed Diffuser Base

Reed Stick Diffuser Base:  Especially formulated by our perfumist to allow Natures Garden Fragrance Oils to work wonderfully with reed stick diffusers. Add our reed stick diffuser oil to any of Natures Garden fragrance oils to enable our fragrances to travel up the reed sticks and enhance scent throw. Our reed stick diffuser oil may be added to essential oils as well. It will work with most fragrance oils, however, very thick fragrance oils do not work well in reed diffusers. The additive should be used at 75% to 50% diffuser oil to 25% to 50% fragrance oil. Thick fragrances such as most vanillas should only have 25% fragrance to 75% additive. You should test levels based on the strength of your fragrances and the viscosity of your oils.

Note:  Please be advised that this diffuser base does not include reeds, bottles, or fragrance.  In order to make reed diffusers, you will need to purchase those supplies separately. 

Gallons of this product are sold by volume, not weight.  However, a gallon of this product is approximately 8 pounds. 

NOTE: We have read some websites that tell people to use a combination of DPG and fragrance oils with their reed sticks. DO NOT DO THIS! DPG will clog your reed sticks and will not allow the fragrance oil to be volatile.


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