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Lotion Supplies

Lotion Supplies

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"I run a very specialized business with a customized product line that has to be consistent, versatile, and appealing. I have shopped around for high quality oils--not just in material, but with well-formulated scents, as well. I need them to be true to name for in-house formulating and client requests; and I need to be able to sample them first, with specialized focus on a class of scents and minimal order quantity. When I launch a new line, I have an exact idea of what I want, and the product feedback and reviews found here on your site is immensely helpful--makes my R&D budget go that much further. I do 90% of my shopping online, mostly because what is available here at the big name craft stores is cheap and sorely lacking in quality, and the high quality stores are expensive and sorely lacking in options. The customer service at NG has been great, the transit time swift, and the shipping costs true to form. There are still some specialty ingredients I will need to purchase elsewhere, but I am looking forward to finally being able to turn to one company for a vast portion of my basic supply needs. Thank you ever so much for doing what you do, I truly appreciate your understanding of the "artisan crafter" demographic and our corresponding needs, as well as your commitment to excellence. You are helping to keep the American Dream alive, despite so many obstacles that small business owners are facing in this uninspired economy. Bravo!"
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