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Basic Square- Mold Market Molds

Basic Square- Mold Market Molds


Basic Square- Mold Market Molds

Basic Square Soap Molds:  4 oz. - 3 cavities per sheet.
2.75" X 2.75" X 1".  Pouring temperatures should not exceed 145 degrees F. Pouring above these temperatures may warp or damage the mold.

Mold Market designs and manufactures high quality plastic soap molds for all occasions. Our multi cavity custom molds designs are suitable for hot and cold process soap making, melt & pour soap making, candle making, and ceramic crafts.

Natures Garden is a distributor of Mold Market Molds. In the good ole USA. Mold Market is committed to providing jobs for American workers and to supporting domestic manufacturers and suppliers. Our molds are American made and we are proud of this fact.

Made in the USA Molds

Mold Market molds are produced in United State factories. Many mold companies in the industry have moved production overseas to take advantage of low labor costs and generally cheaper production costs. We are saddened to find that some companies are advertising Made in the USA when this is not true. Mold Market elects to provide jobs to the U.S. workforce despite the competition from lower cost imports. We hope that you will support us in our effort to provide high quality designer molds for discriminating consumers desiring U.S products.

Mold size and pouring temperature of soap will determine set up time. It is imperative that you allow soap to cool completely before trying to remove from any mold. Depressions will occur in the top of mold if you try to release soap by force. Allow molded soaps to sit for at least 1 hour for best results. Gently pull the at the sides of  the mold. This releases entrapped air between the mold and soap. Using firm, but gentle pressure, push on the top of mold until soap is released. If you are still having difficulty, place mold in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Mold Tips for CP (cold process) soapers:

  • Do not use oil in the molds, it will make the CP stick more because the traced soap wants to grab onto the oils. When you get a new mold, wash it in warm soapy water, rinse and dry with a soft towel and buff it.
  • Use borax in the water before you add the lye. Add 2 tsp of Borax for every 6 oz of water, stir till it's dissolved and then add your lye to it. What this will do is firm up the CP and make releasing it a breeze.
  • If the top part of the CP is hard and the bottom is mushy, it might not have had a full trace.
  • If using Palm Oil as part of your recipe, stir the oil before scooping it out on your scale. Most soap makers do not know that the Oleic Fatty Acid in the Palm Oil will sink to the bottom of the container as the oil solidifies and the other fatty acids will float to the top. If the Palm Oil is just scooped out from the top of the container, you get a soft soap but as you get to the bottom of the container, you'll find you get a harder bar of soap because the Oleic Fatty Acid has sunk down. when using a 5 gallon bucket of oil, dig a hole down into the Palm Oil and start scooping the oil out from the bottom to the top so you have a mix of complete oil.
  • If the CP sticks in the mold... do not force it out but instead put the whole mold into the freezer for 30 minutes, take it out and let the plastic mold come to room temperature which is about 2 minutes. Put a towel on the counter and turn the mold over on the towel, now put your fingers under the mold and gently pull the sides of the mold to allow air in and then with your thumbs on top of the mold, press as your go around the mold. You should see the air releasing it from the mold.

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4.5 3 Basic Square- Mold Market Molds

Perfect Square Soap Mold Review rating is 5 stars

5 Basic Square- Mold Market Molds

Reviewer: from Providence, RI

This is a must have soap mold for me. It allows me to create a perfect sized square bar of soap. My soaps pop out very easily when using Natures Garden's shea butter mp soap.

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Cute Little Squares Review rating is 5 stars

5 Basic Square- Mold Market Molds

Reviewer: from Guttenberg, NJ US

I loved this soap mold for my homemade sugar scrubs!

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A good, inexpensive mold. Review rating is 4 stars

4 Basic Square- Mold Market Molds

Reviewer: from New Port Richey, FL USA

I want to leave a bad review,(but it's not a justified bad review because they state the dimensions of the cavities and the material that it is made with, I am just made a poor purchasing decision) because I am disappointed in the size; I guess I just ASSUMED they would be bigger. So instead, I will simply state, I spent almost $25 on 3 of these to find out they are too small for me. This will cost you less than ten cents:

Grab 9 pennies, put them together like a square. The cavities are just a little bigger than that. If that looks about right, these will do just fine for you.
They are a nice thick plastic, but I have had this kind warp on me before, so just be cautious of the pouring temp. I REALLY HIGHLY suggest silicone molds. They just make life easier.

In conclusion, read the dimensions, remember that you are getting a clear, thick, plastic mold sheet with three cavities and you won't be disappointed.

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