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Lips (Mold Market Molds)

Lips (Mold Market Molds)

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Tips for using our mold:

Pouring temperatures should not exceed 145 degrees F. Pouring above these temperatures may warp or damage the mold.

Mold tips for cold process soap:

  • Do not use oil in the molds, it will make the CP stick more because the traced soap wants to grab onto the oils.
  • When you get a new mold, wash it in warm soapy water, rinse and dry with a soft towel and buff it.
  • Use borax in the water before you add the lye. Add 2 tsp of Borax for every 6 oz of water, stir until it's dissolved and then add your lye to it. This will firm up the CP and make releasing it a breeze.
  • If the top part of the CP is hard and the bottom is mushy, it might not have had a full trace.
  • If the CP sticks in the mold, do not force it out but instead put the whole mold into the freezer for 30 minutes, take it out and let the plastic mold come to room temperature (about 2 minutes). Put a towel on the counter and turn the mold over on the towel, now put your fingers under the mold and gently pull the sides of the mold to allow air in and then with your thumbs on top of the mold, press as you go around the mold. You should see the air releasing it from the mold.

Product Details:
3 lips
Maximum Pouring Temperature:
145 F


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