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Customer Suggestions

Welcome to Natures Garden's Customer Suggestions Page!  Your suggestions have helped our company grow over the years.  Please let us know what products you would like to see us carry, and how we can improve to better serve you.  Please click on the "fill out this form" link below and share your thoughts.

Customer Suggestions

Please fill out this form to share your product suggestions with us.

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FO request

I am looking for a Cinnamon Vanilla FO. I thought you carried it. Please restock - a best seller for me!

Response: We do have a cinnamon vanilla scent. It is called Grandma's Kitchen

A viewer from Bascom, Ohio

fragrance oil request

I would love to see Natures Garden carry daffodil fragrance oils.

A viewer from Pittsburgh, PA

Dark Kiss Fragrance Oil

I would LOVE to see Natures Garden carry a Dark Kiss Fragrance Oil.

A viewer from Miami

Would like to see you stock alkanet root powder.

Love to use alkanet root powder for use in lip balm recipes. It gives a nice tint to the balm.

A viewer from Broken Arrow Oklahoma

Rating / Reviews on FO's

When I'm searching for an oil I glance at how many stars (reviews) it has before actually reading the reviews. It would be nice to have reviews based on the fragrance itself and not how well it performed in cp soap. Not all crafters are soap makers. IMO giving a low star review on a FO based on the performance in soap has nothing to do with the fragrance itself. Everyone knows not all FO's work in soy or soap. I want to know about the fragrance. If there's a way to separate the 2 that would be great!

Rhonda from midwest

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