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 Sugared Strawberry Candle Recipe download-recipe

Sugared Strawberry Candle Recipe

Recipe makes 6 scented candles.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mixing Spoon
Mixing Bowl
Pots (For Double Boiler)
Hot Glue Gun 
Glue Sticks
Hand Mixer or Whisk
Step 1:  Prepare your jars.  You will need six straight sided candle jars.  Use a hot glue gun to adhere a CD 5 candle wick to the bottom center of the jar.
Step 2:  In a pouring pot, weigh out 500 grams of the Joy Wax.  Add a very small amount of a red color block.  We used less than 1 gram of the color block.  Melt the wax using a double boiler, allowing it to heat to 200F.  Stir to blend the colorant with the wax.
Step 3:  Once your wax is melted, let the temperature drop to 170F-175F.  Add 50 grams of the Sugared Strawberry Cookies Fragrance Oil.  Stir.
Step 4:  Next, when the temperature of the wax has dropped to 160F-165F, fill each candle jar about ⅔ of the way full, dividing the wax equally amongst the six candle jars.  Center each of the wicks and secure them in place.  Let the wax set up in the jars.
Step 5:  While you are waiting for the wax to set up, prepare the strawberry embeds.  Weigh out and melt 30 grams of the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax using a double boiler.  This time shred enough of the red color block into the pouring pot to create a red strawberry color.  Again, we used less than 1 gram of the block.  Melt the wax to 195F.  Stir to blend the colorant. 
Step 6:  Allow the temperature to drop to 145F-150F.  Then, pour the wax into the strawberries embed mold.  You will fill 6 cavities.  Allow these to set up before removing them from the mold.
Step 7:  Next, we will paint the leaves of the strawberries.  Weigh out and melt 30 grams of the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax to 195F.  Also, add a small amount of the green color block to create a dark green color.  Once melted, stir to blend the colorant.

Step 8:  Leave the wax on the double boiler so that it stays fluid.  Using a paintbrush, paint the leaf portion of each of your strawberries.  Set these aside for a later step.
Step 9:  Prepare the whipped wax.  You will need to place 250 grams of the Joy Wax in the pouring pot.  Melt the wax using a double boiler to 200F.
Step 10:  Allow the temperature of the wax to drop to 170F-175F.  Add 25 grams of the Sugared Strawberry Cookies Fragrance Oil.  Stir.
Step 11:  Pour the wax into a mixing bowl.  Allow the wax to cool slightly.  When you notice the wax is starting to harden around the edges of the bowl, you will want to begin whipping it.  You can either use a whisk or a hand mixer.  Whip the wax until it reaches a whipped frosting-like consistency.   Then, begin scooping it into each of your jars.  As you are filling the jars, keep the wicks centered.
Step 12:  Place a strawberry embed in each jar.  Trim each wick to about ¼”.  Place a warning label on each jar.  Once cured, your candles are ready to use.
We hope you enjoy your strawberry scented candles!
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