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The Fragrance Fun Team

At Natures Garden, we like to do things differently than the typical company. Natures Garden is a TEAM of fun and creative people who are dedicated to helping our customers succeed. No one at our company is more important than the other, and we work as a team to make your experience with Natures Garden outstanding. Relationship building is our focus, and we do everything we can to make strong relationships with people who have the same idea of what "winning" alliances are all about. We offer some of the highest-quality products on the market, shipping most orders out the very same day that we receive them. We keep our prices wholesale all year long, no sales gimmicks.

In addition, our professional TEAM personally creates recipes, classes, and unique concepts that we freely share with our customers. When you see a recipe listed on our site, the recipe has been made by our staff. We do not post any recipes on our site unless we have fully tested them, and they get our seal of approval. We make the mistakes so that you don't have to. We want our customers to "hit the ground running" when working with our supplies. We are honored that you chose Natures Garden as your supplier. If we can improve in any way, please let us know.



Fresh Fallen Leaves Soap

By Melissa
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Melissa has been a customer service representative for Natures Garden for years. She is quite possibly one of the happiest and outgoing people around. She is bursting with positivity and cheerfulness, and she is always willing to help.

Melissa's inspiration for her project was her love of autumn, loving the bold and beautiful colors of a northeastern fall. She used Natures Garden Fresh Fallen Leaves Fragrance Oil.


Tropical Lotion Recipe

By Deborah
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Deborah is the CEO at Natures Garden. Starting her business on a shoe string budget, Deborah worked around the clock to give Natures Garden its humble beginnings. Today, she still works 6-7 days a week to provide the best possible customer experience when doing business with Natures Garden. Deborah is creative, dedicated, and passionate about what she does.

Deborah chose to highlight her Tropical Lotion Recipe. Although she has made plenty of unbelievably awesome recipes for the Natures Garden Recipe Repetoire, she said that the tropical lotion is one of her favorite lotion recipes.


Chocolate Dipped Bath Fizzies

By Morgan
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Morgan has worked in fulfillment, order packing, and in Natures Garden's retail store. Morgan describes herself as crafty, and says she loves making homemade bath products.

Morgan chose to highlight her Chocolate Dipped Bath Fizzies Recipe. This project is a bath bomb dipped in chocolate-colored melt and pour soap. She made it extra special by rolling the wet soap in heart sprinkles.


Camo Bath Bomb

By Christian
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Christian works in the test kitchen at Natures Garden; helping to create new and creative recipes for our customers. Christian has an immense interest in cosmetic chemistry, which is demonstrated through his attention to accuracy with measurements and attention to detail.

Christian chose to create a Camo Bath Bomb for his project. This camo bath bomb has an embedded plastic army man inside, and is the same colors as real camouflage. We are certain that little boys will love these bath bombs!


Snakes in the Grass Bath Fizzie

By Brett
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Brett, youngest son of Mike and Deborah Ward, has completely impressed us by his creativity and his ability to take amazing photos for the company. Brett said he wanted to make projects that little boys would want to use in the bathtub.

Brett has made many projects for little boys, but his favorite is Snakes in the Grass Bath Fizzie. This bath fizzie has little rubber snakes inside the jar of bath fizzie. As you can see, the bath fizzie in the jar looks like dirt and grass. Perfect idea Brett!


Banana Pudding Soap

By Afshan
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Afshan has been with Natures Garden for 4 years as the graphic artist. She was inspired to make banana pudding soap after she read the Banana Pudding Recipe Deborah posted on her facebook page. Banana pudding is one of Deborah's family favorites, and Afshan had never eaten banana pudding.

So, in addition to sending Afshan everything she would need to make the banana pudding soap made with Natures Garden Old Fashion Banana Pudding Fragrance Oil, Deborah also sent her the ingredients not found in Pakistan that she would need to make edible banana pudding. Afshan loved making both the soap and the real banana pudding! You can find Deborah's Edible Banana Pudding Recipe Here.


Football Field Candle Loaf

By Bonnie
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Bonnie works in the order fulfillment department at Natures Garden. Her project is tactfully named Football Field Candle Loaf. She used Natures Garden Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance Oil and Leather Jacket Fragrance Oil.

Bonnie was inspired by the theme of football since she has several family members that are football fans. When it comes to Bonnie's Moto for life, she lives by words her mother always said: "Listen to people's advice, but do what you feel is right."


Berry Bewitching Bath Brew

By Jenny
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Jenny, who works in the Order Fulfillment Department at Natures Garden, made the Bath Brew using Natures Garden Berry Bewitching Brew Fragrance Oil. Jenny is no newbie when it comes to crafting. She enjoys spending her free time using jewelry crafting as her creative outlet.

Jenny loves the color purple and when it comes to Jenny's life motto she reinvented an age ole adage: "Knowledge is empowerment!"


Massage Candle

By Josh
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Josh has been with Natures Garden for many years. He is our "go to guy" in the warehouse. Josh is a gem to work with, and always offers a helping hand even when his own workload is full.

When asked what inspired Josh to want to make a massage candle, he responded, "When I smell NG Cashmere & Silk Type Fragrance Oil, I think of the ladies. So, since I am single, who wants a massage first?"


Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap

By Bailey
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Using Natures Garden Lemon Sugar Fragrance Oil Bailey made the Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap. Bailey said that since she has experience working with both cold process and melt and pour soap, she wanted to create a recipe that involved the usage of both. The base of her lemonade soap is made of cold process soap, while the top portion of her soap is made with melt and pour soap.

Bailey used the soap calculator to create her very own cold process soap recipe, checking the values to ensure she was within the range for a typical bar of soap. She also incorporated beeswax in her soap to make the soap a little bit harder.


Floating Noah's Ark Soap

By Marsha
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Marsha works in our retail store at Natures Garden. She is outgoing, warm-hearted, and helpful to everyone who comes to our store. When Marsha is not working, she loves to spend her time with her grandchildren. Although she spends as much time with her family and grandchild as possible, she was seeking a fun company to work for. That is how she came to be working for Natures Garden.

Marsha wanted to make something for her grandson to use in the bath. She also knew she wanted something to do with Noah's Ark. She loved the concept of a Floating Noah's Ark Soap and used her creativity to make it happen with Natures Garden God's Love Fragrance Oil.


Hydrangea Candle with Butterfly Wax Tarts

By Crystal
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Crystal is one of Deborah's personal assistants, and we were blown away by the creativity she used when creating her Hydrangea Candle with butterfly wax tarts. Her project depicts a contemporary spin on the various colors found in a hydrangea bush.

She made the candle come alive by adding butterfly tarts. To make the candle, she used Natures Garden's Pillar of Bliss wax that comes in granulated form and Natures Garden Hydrangea Heaven Fragrance Oil.

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