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For natural soap that has a tremendously bubbly lather, our coconut oil-76 is an important addition to your soap making supply list. Coconut oil is used by all the top soap makers because it is reliable, helps make your soap hard and white, and contributes to high-quality products that you can give away as gifts, use for yourself, or sell in your own store. Our coconut oil-76 is sold by volume instead of weight, but it's important to note that one gallon weighs approximately 7.5 lbs.

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Tips for using our coconut oil:

Most of the coconut oil sold and used is a melt point of 76 degrees, but there is a hydrogenated type that melts at 92 degrees. Both types of coconut oil provide soap with tremendous bubbly lather.

The collective opinion is that using more than 20% coconut oil in your soap recipe will be drying to the skin.

Coconut Oil 76 contains the following essential fatty acids: Myristic- 19%, Palmitic-9%, Stearic- 3%, Oleic- 8%, Linoleic- 2%, Lauric- 48%

Product Specifics:
Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
Shelf Life:
1 Year


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