Soap Making Supplies (480 Products)

Soap is part of our core at Nature’s Garden and we’ve loved sharing soapmaking with the world for over 25 years! We have one of the largest catalogs of soap making supplies for melt and pour and cold process soap making.

Saponification (or the chemical reaction that forms the soap we know and love) starts with the combination of oils or fats and lye. This process is vital to creating a cleansing and hygienic end product. If you want to skip this process, consider a pre-saponified melt and pour soap base created with a variety of different fats, like Goat Milk, or oils, like Hemp Seed Oil.

Now comes the even more fun part: the aesthetic! Try out different
colors (from liquid dyes, sparkling micas, and natural colorants/herb powders) and additives to make your soap a truly unique creation. Looking to add a more exfoliation to your soap bars? Consider mineral-rich salts, like dead-sea salt, or black walnut hull powder for an additional earthy tone. Add in herbal powders for additional vitamins and minerals and experiment with the unique colors and smells they can add to your soap.

If you're reading this, you love soap making as much as we do. We are constantly looking to offer new products that meet our quality standards because when you shop here, we want you to shop only the best.