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FUN Soap Colorant- Eye Poke Orange 1 oz.

FUN Soap Colorant- Eye Poke Orange 1 oz.


Eye Poke Orange Liquid FUN Soap Colorant

Eye Poke Orange Liquid FUN Soap Colorant: Pigment dispersed in vegetable glycerin. Uses: Melt and pour soap, Cold process soap. NOT Cosmetic Grade. Non toxic. Stable and non-bleeding . Contains no carmine.  Not for use in lip products.  INCI = International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients, and this is not a cosmetic grade color.  Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, pigments.

NOTE: The pictures we posted are of this particular colorant in Goat's Milk Melt and Pour. When we purchased this color from our supplier, we were assured that it is formulated to work nicely in cold process soap. 

Recommended usage: 1/2 oz. liquid soap colorants will color 10 pounds of soap a medium shade.

Pigments which are dispersed in vegetable glycerin. No chemical preservatives added.  Using liquid soap pigments which have already been dispersed in vegetable glycerin helps to prevent pigments from clumping in your soap.  This soap colorant works well in melt and pour soap, and cold process soap.  Not for use in cosmetics.  It is non-bleeding, performs well in high ph environments, and does not morph during the saponifcation process. Before purchasing, please read the specifics about each of our soap colorings so that you know what they can and cannot be used in. You will likely see the pigment separating out of the vegetable glycerin in the bottle. You will want to shake your bottle before use.  Actual color may differ from how they are portrayed on a computer screen.  Sales are final.  We do not accept returns on soap colorants. 

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5.0 1 FUN Soap Colorant- Eye Poke Orange 1 oz.

Great color, even better name!

5 FUN Soap Colorant- Eye Poke Orange 1 oz.

Reviewer: from Dixie

I must know the story behind "Eye Poke Orange"... Someone must know my story of being pecked in the eye by a baby 'Aflac' duck! We laughed so hard when it came!!

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