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 Reindeer Poo Candle Recipe download-recipe

Reindeer Poo Candle Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 1 Candle

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
16 oz. Glass Apothecary Jar
Mixing Spoons
Hot Glue Gun
Pot (For Double Boiler)

Step 1:  First we will prepare the reindeer embeds for the top of the candle.  Weigh out 1 ounce of Palm Container Candle Wax. 

Step 2:  Using the double boiler method, melt the wax on low on the stove until the wax is completely melted. Get the Deer and Santa Mold mold ready.

Step 3:  Using a toothpick, dip the toothpick into the brown liquid candle dye.  Then, dip the toothpick into the melted wax.  Mix well to incorporate the color.

Step 4:  To your pouring pot add 0.1 ounces of Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil to the melted wax and stir.

Step 5:  Pour the wax into the mold. Once it has set up completely, pop it out of the mold. Set aside for now, you will need it later.  Note: Be sure to pour wax into molds at below 140F or you may melt your plastic molds. 

Step 6:  Prepare the reindeer poo.  Weigh out and melt 0.5 ounces of Joy Wax.  Use a double boiler to melt the wax.   Use a toothpick to add brown liquid candle colorant.  We did not fragrance these.  Allow them to set up.  Then roll the wax in the palm of your hands to create balls.  You will need about five or six.

Step 7:  Using your hot glue gun, adhere two CD-12 candle wicks to the bottom of your apothecary jar.  You will want to make sure they are equally spaced and centered.

Step 8:  Next, prepare the blue portion of the candle.  Weigh out 16 ounces of Natures Garden’s Palm Container Wax.  Use the double boiler method explained in one of our classes, melt the wax on the stove until it is melted. 

Step 9:  Use a toothpick to add a tiny bit of blue liquid candle dye.  Stir to incorporate the color.

Step 10:  Next, with the pouring pot on the scale, add 1.5 ounces of Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil.  As always, stir to incorporate the fragrance oil. 

Step 11:  At the proper temperature, pour the palm wax into the jar.  Make sure that the CD candle wicks are straight. Allow the candle wax to set up before moving to the next step. 

Step 12:  Prepare the white snow layer for the top of the candle.  Melt 3 ounces of Joy Wax.  Once the temperature reaches about 175 degrees add 0.3 ounces of Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil.  Mix well to incorporate the candle scent.

Step 13:  Allow the wax to set up a bit.  Once the wax reaches a slushie consistency, use a spoon to whip the wax.

Step 14:  Using the spoon, place wax on top of the candle.  You want it to resemble a blanket of snow.

Step 15:  Next, quickly add the reindeer embeds you prepared earlier to the top of the snow layer.  Also, add the brown balls of poo.


Your Reindeer Poo Candle is ready to use. Enjoy!

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