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4 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cosmetic Jar

$4.31 - $78.75
4 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cosmetic Jar - Image

Take your cosmetic supplies to the next level with our 4 oz clear PET jars. A great choice if you love showing off your creations with a clean looking, stylish container perfect for adding your own label to. These jars are 2.25 inches tall, which means they are just the right size to bring along with you wherever you go, and they come in cases of 10, so you'll have more than enough to make as many products as you like.

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Our 4 oz clear PET jars are compatible with our 58/400 lids.

Lids are sold separately. Please take care to ensure the lids you've chosen are the correct size for your container. All sales are final, and we do not offer any exchanges or returns. 

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2 1/4"
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