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2 oz. Deep Round Candle Tins with Lids

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2 oz Deep Round Candle Tins with Lids - Image

If you're looking to make stylish and sophisticated candles in tin containers, our 2 oz. tins with lids are exactly what you need. These deep round tin candle containers make the perfect gift, or you can use them for your own homemade candle making creations. They also lend themselves perfectly to decorative labels and stickers to give them a personality all their own. Whether you like giving candles as gifts or making them for your own use, our 2 oz. candle tins with a small lipped edge are a great addition to your candle making supplies.

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Sold in units of 10 bases and lids. Each unit is capable of holding 2 oz. Made of tin-plated steel.

Special Note: Since these containers are made of tin, it's important not to get water on them or they may form rust. We do not recommend creating bath and body products that contain water with these tin containers.


Product Specifics:
Lid Included?
Wax Capacity:
2 ounces
Container Height:
1 3/4"
Container Width:
2" diameter
Container Color:


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