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OPTIPHEN - Preservative

OPTIPHEN - Preservative



Optiphen:  Preservatives are essential to cosmetic formulations because they kill germs that can make you and your customers very sick.  If you are making your own cosmetic formulations, you want to ensure that your products are safe and germ-free.  Optiphen is a liquid, paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservative used in aqueous formulations, anhydrous formulations, and in emulsions.  Optiphen is a globally approved preservative system created by ISP consisting of Phenoxyethanol and  Caprylyl Glycol.  A true, multi-functional ingredient, caprylyl glycol also acts as a humectant and wetting agent in cosmetic and skin care formulations in addition to providing viscosity modification in some formulations. This makes Optiphen more than just a preservative.  Optiphen not only provides broad spectrum preservation against bacteria, yeast and mold, the presence of caprylyl glycol imparts an exceptional feel to the finished formulation making it useful in creams, sunscreens, lotions, color cosmetics, body washes and shampoo applications. 

Optiphen is easy to use since it is in liquid form, and can be directly added to a fomulation during pre or post emulsification phase below 140F (60C).  If you add Optiphen to your product at above 140F (60C), it is highly likely that the heat will destroy much of the preserving qualities of the Optiphen.  Therefore, we suggest adding Optiphen to your formulation at around 120F just to be safe.  However, if optiphen is added to an emulsion at too low of a temperature, the emulsion may become unstable, and you will see the oil and water phase begin to separate.  Optiphen is compatible with most raw ingredients used in the cosmetic industry.  Usage rate is .75%- 1.5% of your formulation.

INCI Name: Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol

Gallons of Optiphen are sold by volume, not weight.  However, a gallon contains approximately 8.5 pounds.

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5.0 5 OPTIPHEN - Preservative

The best for hair butters

5 OPTIPHEN - Preservative

Reviewer: from Texas

I’ve been purchasing from this incredible company for about 3 years now. I love this product for my hair butter! It prevents molds for my 4oz jar of hair butter for up to 3 years. It’s amazing!! Amazing company!!

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Using Water, Add Preservative

5 OPTIPHEN - Preservative

Reviewer: from Saint Louis, MO

Odor Free
Protects from Mold
Can't go wrong with this one

1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no

Great to find a paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservative!

5 OPTIPHEN - Preservative

Reviewer: from Clinton, TN USA

I purchased this preservative to use in our lotion formulation because I didn't like the thought of using a preservative that contained parabens. I was glad to find this one... paraben-free and formaldehyde-free! Our emulsion held just fine, the recipe required no tweaking as a result of the change in preservatives, and the quality of our product has not been compromised. Love it!

6 of 6 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no

Must have

5 OPTIPHEN - Preservative

Reviewer: from Mount Vernon, WA US

Use this in every lotion I make. Great product!

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Great for liquid soap

5 OPTIPHEN - Preservative

Reviewer: from MA US

Using this in my liquid soap due to the ph variable.

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