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Lip Balm Supplies

Lip Balm Supplies

Lip Balm Supplies at Wholesale Prices

High-Quality Lip Balm Making Supplies

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Lip Balm Supplies Customer Review

Your natural lip balm base is the best base I have ever tried. It glides on your lips, and helps provide moisture to your lips.

I am in LOVE with this base! I tried making my own lip balms for the first time using this base. OMG I could not be happier with this stuff. You don't even need to melt it to add the mica powder. A little elbow power and it whips up in no time. I scooped it into my pots and set them aside to firm up. *I did try to melt the base and use it that way first with less than satisfactory results. The liquid started to solidify before I could get it all pored and it firmed up with little "spots" throughout the balm. I'm going to try making Solid perfumes next. Thanks NG you have a life long customer!
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