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 Ghost Soap Recipe download-recipe

Ghost Soap Recipe

Recipe makes 2 large cupcakes

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:

Hand Mixer

Deep Mixing Bowl

Mixing Spoon
Rubbing Alcohol

Wax Paper

Total Recipe Weights: 
200 grams Diamond Clear
1 grams Fun Soap Colorant Black Oxide

77 grams Whipped Soap Base

77 grams Soya Milk Melt and Pour

9 grams Vegetable Glycerin

17 grams Alien Type Fragrance Oil


Before beginning, prepare your work area by cleaning it and sanitizing it.

Step 1:  First, in a small bowl melt 200 grams of Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap.

Step 2:  Once melted, add 1 gram of Fun Soap Colorant Black Oxide and 10 grams Alien Type Fragrance Oil and stir.  Pour the melted soap base into the base portion of the Cupcakes Mold. Spritz the base lightly with rubbing alcohol to remove any air bubbles.  Allow to setup.

Step 3:  Now, you will have a small amount of the melted soap base left.  You will need this to make eyes and mouths for your ghosts.  On a piece of wax paper, using a disposable pipette or a spoon and the leftover melted black soap, place 4 smaller drops for eyes and 2 larger drops for mouths.

Step 4:  Then, prepare your frosting.  In a deep mixing, weigh out 77 grams of Whipped Soap Base, 9 grams Vegetable glycerin, and 7 grams of Alien Type Fragrance Oil.  Set aside for now.


Step 5: Melt 77 grams of Soya Milk Melt and Pour Soap.  Once melted, add this base to the mixing bowl with the Whipped Soap Base.  Using a hand mixer, mix until you get a fluffy frosting consistency. 

Step 6:  You will need to work fast to scoop the mixture onto the cupcake base.  Create a peak at the top to resemble a ghost’s head.  Finally, remove the eyes and mouths from the wax paper and place them on the ghosts.


Your Ghost Soaps are now ready to use!  Enjoy!

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