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 Autumn Leaves Potpourri Recipe download-recipe

Autumn Leaves Potpourri Recipe

Recipe makes approximately one 8 oz. jar.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:

Dime Size Leaves Candle and Soap Mold (

Pots (for double boiler method)
Mixing spoon


Ziplock Bag

Step 1: First, prepare the leaves:  Using a double boiler, melt 30 grams of Pillar of Bliss Wax  to 195 degrees. Using a toothpick, and add a small amount of Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye- Red.  Stir well to incorporate.  Drop the temperature  of the wax to 180 degrees and add 3 grams of Autumn Woods fragrance oil.  Now, once the temperature drops to 175 degrees, pour into your Dime Size Leaf Mold from  Allow to setup.


Step 2:  Next, prepare the remaining leaf colors.  Repeat step one using the Spectrum Liquid- Green.  Then,

Repeat step one again using the Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye- Orange.

Step 3: While you are waiting for the leaves to setup, prepare the granulated wax.  In a Ziplock bag, add 191 grams of Pillar of Bliss Wax, 2 grams of 24K Gold Mica Pigment, and 19 grams Autumn Woods fragrance oil.  Shake well to evenly incorporate the ingredients.

Step 4: Then, once the all of the leaves have setup, remove them from the mold. 

Step 5: Now, using a spoon, begin filling the 8 oz. PET jars.  

Step 6: As you are filling, place the leaves periodically throughout the jars.  Place the lid on the jar.

Step 7: Your Autumn Leaves Potpourri is now ready to use!

We hope you enjoy your Falling Leaves Potpourri!

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