Smelly Jelly Crystals

Smelly Jelly Crystals

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Our smelly jelly crystals consist of specially formulated polymer crystals that can hold up to 400 times their weight in water. This makes them an ideal choice for your next creation, as 1 lb of crystals can make approximately 90 x 8 oz jars. It’s important to note that the current batch of crystals will produce a smaller bead compared to previous batches, so be aware of this particle size difference when purchasing. Our smell jelly beads are sold in both 1lb and 5 lb quantities.

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Usage & Recommendations

Tips for using our smelly jelly crystals:


  1. Add 1 level tsp of smelly jelly crystals to 7 oz warm distilled water.
  2. Add a few drops of liquid soap dye to the mixture, with about 1 Tbsp fragrance oil.
  3. Wait for around 15 minutes until the mixture swells and place in the jar.

This recipe fills 1 x 8 oz smelly jelly jar.


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