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Clove Bud Native Distilled Essential Oil - 100% Pure

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Clove has an unmistakable odor that's often associated with the holidays, but you can use our clove bud native distilled essential oil anytime of the year to create homemade products that stand out from the crowd. Clove bud essential oil is often used for easing digestive upset and pain relief and may have benefits for dental issues. Our 100% pure and all-natural clove bud essential oil is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with the strong, characteristic fragrance of clove.

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Usage & Recommendations

Tips for using our Clove Bud Essential Oil:

Please store our clove bud essential oil in a tight glass, aluminum, or double lined container in a cool area that's away from direct heat or sunlight. For safety, keep all essential oils out of the reach of children and pets.

Product Specifics:
Botanical Name:
Eugenia bud
Flash Point:
Processing Method:
Shelf Life:
2 Years
Country of Origin:
EO Documents:
SDS Sheet:


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