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Confectionery Delight Room and Body Spray Kit

Confectionery Delight Room and Body Spray Kit
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Making our Confectionary Delight Room and Body Spray:

Our Odor Eliminating Room and Body Spray kit contains:

  • Odor Eliminator
  • Confectionery Twist Fragrance Oil
  • Hot Fudge Brownies Fragrance Oil
  • Caramel Fragrance Oil
  • Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Aluminum Bottles
  • Sprayers
  • Disposable Pipettes
  • Complete Instructions

Other Ingredients You'll Need: Scale, Funnel


    1. Prepare your sprayers.  Trim the dip tube of each sprayer to match the length of the bottles.
    2. To each bottle, add 5 grams of the polysorbate 20 using a pipette.
    3. Using a new pipette for each bottle, add 5 grams of fragrance oil to each one.
    4. Place a funnel on your first bottle.  Add 100 grams of the Odor Eliminator.  Repeat this process with the remaining bottles.  
    5. Place a sprayer top on each bottle.
    6. Shake the bottle to blend the 
    Your body and room spray is ready to use!  Always shake well before using.
Kit Specifics:
4 bottles
Time to Make:
15 minutes
Instructions Included?


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