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Our Story: Natures Garden was started by Deborah and Mike Ward in 1997; turning their homemade candle making hobby into a business. Revenue was generated by means of home parties, retail sales, wholesale sales, open houses, Ebay, and fundraisers. In 1998, Natures Garden had more than 40 independent sales representatives selling Natures Garden candles and bath products. The homemade candle business was truly an overnight success; however, this success did not come without its growing pains.

In 1998, there were only a few candle making supply companies in the market, and many of these companies lacked proper customer service skills and product uniqueness. The secrecy of the candle making and toiletries market created more obstacles for Natures Garden, as it desired to expand its product line. Seeing a distinct niche in the market that was not being properly serviced, Deborah and Mike Ward ventured into the candle making supply business.

On May 21, 1999, Natures Garden Candle Supply Company was officially open for business. The company's anagram, C.A.R.E , was created and embraced by every employee. CARE stands for "Customers Always Remember Excellence". Next, the Ward's addressed the absence of uniqueness in the market by creating one-of-a-kind NG Original Fragrance Oils. Although Natures Garden focused on improving the customer service voids that other supply companies did not see, Deborah still felt that there was a need to ensure that the company's customers could obtain all of the trade secrets of the market. This prompted Deborah to publish the first online candle making library consisting of: manuals, classes, recipes, and instructions. These three elements: Solid focus on the Customer, Uniqueness, and a Willingness to share information, structured the strong foundation that Natures Garden is grounded on today.

Natures Garden is dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality products at competitive prices. We understand the importance of receiving your supplies promptly, and we strive to fill and ship all orders received by 11:00 am the very same day. Your questions, comments and suggestions are not only important to us, they are the main reason we are a successful company today. We encourage you to call our HUG Line (Help You Grow) for assistance anytime 1-440-647-0100. Our professional staff has years of experience, and we enjoy helping our customers make and market the finest candles, soap, and toiletries. During the years, we have had the pleasure of building solid business relationships with more than 500,000 customers. We are honored to be your supplier of choice.

Here are some of the people who make Natures Garden Grow

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