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 How to Make Awesome Gel Wax Candles download-recipe

How to Make Awesome Gel Wax Candles

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


How To Make Gel Wax Candles


As with any product that you are making, you want to ensure that you have all the required equipment set out and ready to use before you start the process of Gel Wax candle making. 


Required Equipment


Gel Wax

Natures Garden Fragrance Oils 170F flashpoint or higher (You will be required to test compatibility) For gel wax compatibility test, you will need food grade mineral oil 

Natures Garden Spectrum Color Dyes

Glass Containers

Zinc Wicks 

Embeds (optional) 

Large Glass Measuring Cup 


Metal Stirring Utensil

Metal Skewer (if using embeds)

Heat Gun

Glue Sticks

Pouring Pot


Once you have all of the equipment that you are going to need for creating your dazzling Gel Wax candles, it is time to get started. 

1. Melt the Gel Wax. There are two options for melting Gel Wax. The first is using a Natures Garden Pouring Pot. The second is to use your glass measuring cup in the oven. Please do note that Gel Wax melts at a slower rate than traditional waxes on the market. Be patient, and do not rush the process or turn up the heat source.

a. If you are going to use a Natures Garden Pouring Pot. Place the wax into the Pouring Pot. Place the Pouring Pot on a stove burner. You want to set the temperature between medium and low. Let the Gel Wax meltuntil it becomes a thick, liquid syrup consistency. Using the thermometer, do not allow the gel wax to get hotter than 230 degrees F.

b. If you are going to use the oven, preheat it to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. While you oven is warming, cut or chunk off the desired amount of Gel Wax. When the oven is heated place the Gel Wax into the glass container and carefully set it in the oven. Let the Gel Wax melt in your oven for approximately one hour. Check the temperature of the Gel Wax periodically using your Natures Garden thermometer to ensure the Gel Wax is at the correct degrees.

With either method, do keep a constant eye on the Gel Wax melting process. Never leave the Gel Wax unattended especially while it is on the heat source. Do not exceed 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only do you risk burning your Gel Wax and turning it yellow, but it also can become very hazardous.
2. While the Gel Wax is melting, you are going to set up your containers. Plug in your hot glue gun, and let it get hot. Now, line up your containers. We have found it best to line them up in a single file line so that you are not reaching over numerous glass containers with a hot liquid wax. Once you have your containers ready you are going to start to wick the empty containers. One by one, you are going to place a small dab of hot glue in the bottom of glass container. Ideally, you will want your wick to be 1 ½ inches from all sides. Carefully, place your dab of glue. Once the dab is there, take an individual tabbed wick, and place it on the hot glue. Hold the wick straight and steady for about 15-20 seconds. This will ensure that the wick is positioned exactly as you want it to be once the Gel Wax has hardened. Continue with this procedure until all of your glass containers are wicked.
3. Once the wax is completely melted and totally in liquid form, you are going to add your Natures Garden Spectrum Color Dye. This dye is liquid candle dye. You never want to use soap dye or food coloring when making gel candles. You also never want to use color blocks to color gel wax candles. Remove the melted Gel Wax from the heat source. Make sure that you are taking the 
precautions necessary (such as using pot holders) when moving the liquid Gel Wax to your candle pouring station. Now, it should be noted that you can always add more Natures Garden Spectrum Color Dye to the Gel Wax, but once it is in, you cannot take it out. It is very easy to over color gel wax since it is transparent. So be very careful! First, before adding your dye, check the 
temperature of the melted Gel Wax. You will want to add the dye at 220-225 degrees Fahrenheit. Add your Spectrum Color Dye in single droplets. Stir slowly using your metal utensil. Since you are using liquid dyes, your Gel Wax 
will have a swirling appearance of color, stir this combination of Gel Wax and 
dye until you have the uniform color that you desire.
4. Now that your Gel Wax is colored, it is time to add fragrance oil that you have personally tested to be compatible in gel wax. Due to ever-changing IFRA amendments for the fragrance market, Natures Garden no longer personally tests fragrances for gel wax safeness. Fragrances used to make gel candles should be 170F or higher flash point. The fragrances should also be tested for gel wax solubility. To test for solubility: mix 1 part fragrance to 3 parts food grade mineral oil. Shake and allow to set a couple of minutes. Check to see if the fragrance thoroughly mixes with the mineral oil. Now take 3 parts fragrance to 1 part mineral oil. Shake and allow the mixture to set a couple of minutes. Check to see if the fragrance thoroughly mixes with the mineral oil. If you see any type of insolubility or cloudiness, the fragrance is not good to use in gel wax candles.
5. Once again, you will want to make sure that your Gel Wax is 220-225 degrees Fahrenheit. The suggested fragrance oil use for you Gel Wax is no more than ½ an ounce per pound of wax. Add your selected Gel Safe fragrance oil to your melted and colored wax. Stir slowly. You will want to make sure that the fragrance is completely mixed into every part of your wax.
6. The next step is to carefully and slowly pour your mixture into your containers. Make sure that your pouring surface is flat. When you pour your wax, tilt the container and pour the wax down the sides. This will prevent unnecessary bubbles. Do not rush this process. The pour of the wax should be a 185- 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Word of caution, if you pour your Gel Wax at a lower temperature, you risk unwanted bubbles. After the wax has been poured, restraighten your wick.
7. If you choose to add embeds, this is the time to do so. Selecting an embed is easy as long as you follow the guidelines of using non-flammable objects. Actually, if you want your candles to be extremely fun and exciting, you can create your own embeds using Natures Garden embed molds and a mixture of WOW wax with stearic acid (3 tablespoons per pound of wow wax) added to increase the wax’s melt point. After you select the embeds that you are going to use, lightly place the first embed on the top of your wax. Then, gently persuade the embed where you want by using the metal skewer. Repeat this process until all of the embeds that you are using are correctly placed. The final step in the embed process is to double check that your wick is still correctly placed in the center of your candle. If it is not, softly straighten the wick.
8. As a final note, if you see that bubbles are starting to form on the top of your candles, you can solve this easily. By taking a heat gun or a hair dryer, reheat the candle tops, this will resolve the issue.
9. Let the Gel Wax cool. The candles should take about 4 hours to do this.
10. Finally trim the wick to ¼” and lid your new awesome Gel Wax Candles until 
you are ready to use them.
11. Celebrate and scent your world!
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