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Triple Layer Candle Instructions

 Triple Layer Candle Instructions

How to make Triple Layer Candles

Triple layer candles are three different fragrances in three different colors all in one jar!  They are SUPER SELLERS!

How to Make Triple-Layer Candles

  1. Line up ( 9) - 16oz. apothecary jars on your bench.

  2. Melt 4 lbs. of single-pour wax.  Add 3/4 cup of Crisco shortening to your melted wax and allow it to melt.  DO NOT ADD VYBAR to your wax or the wax will come away from the sides of the jar....and you will end up having very ugly candles!  
    Note:  If you are using Joy Wax, you do not have to add anything to joy wax to make these candles. 

  3. Add your desired coloring and allow it to melt thoroughly.

  4. Add 1/2- 2/3 cup fragrance oil and give it a good stir.  Pour at about 150F.

  5. CAREFULLY- pour wax mixture into each jar, pouring until the jar is only  1/3 of the way full.  Be careful not to drip or splatter the wax or the imperfections will show up in your finished product.

  6. Allow this layer to form about 1/4" cloudy film on the bottom of the jars.  Then quickly take your 5" wicks and straighten them and place (2) 5" wicks  into your jars.  We use 2 wicks so that the candle burns evenly all of the way down.  Make sure that your wicks are not too close to each other, but also not too close to the sides of the jars.

  7. Allow this layer to set up for at least 2 hours.  If you allow the layers to set up for long periods of time, the wax may come away from the sides of the jar and the second layer you pour will end up going behind this layer....creating ugly candles.  If you happen to allow your layers to set up too long, place the candles in the oven on 200F until the layer begins to melt on top....this should take about 8 minutes.  Then allow the layer to cool off for at least an hour before pouring your next layer.  If you pour your next layer too quickly, the coloring from the previous layer will discolor the new layer.  TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

  8. Pour your second layer the same way.....and your third layer.

  9. Straighten your wicks when pouring each layer!

     You can use these candles for fundraisers!  Just find out the school colors and ask them which three fragrances they would like to choose, then make a label for all of your candles that has the school logo on it! 

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