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 Purrs & Paws HP Soap Recipe download-recipe

Purrs & Paws HP Soap Recipe

Recipe makes (4) 1 pound loaves of soap.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other things you will need:

Silicone Mixing Spoon
2 Large mixing bowls
Stick Blender


Total Recipe Weights

188 grams Lye
517 grams Water
503 grams Olive Oil
408 grams Coconut Oil 76
109 grams Castor Oil
340 grams Palm Oil
50 grams Sodium Lactate
85 grams Purrs & Paws Fragrance Oil
8 grams Teal Fun Soap Colorant

Please Note: If this is the first time you are attempting the process of making soap, please review these classes to familiarize yourself with the processes.

Soap Making Safety
Making Your Own Soap Recipe
Soap Making Terminology
Finding the Perfect Recipe
Soaping Oils Properties

Step 1:  Clean & Sanitize your work area and packaging materials.  You will want to wear gloves, protective clothing, a face mask, and safety glasses while preparing this recipe.

Step 2:  In one of your mixing bowls, weigh out the olive oil, coconut oil 76, castor oil, and palm oil.

Step 3:  Next, turn your crockpot on low heat setting.  Now, place all of your oils into the crockpot. Heat these oils until they are in a liquid state.

Step 4:  While your oils are melting, weigh out your lye in one bowl, and your water in another bowl.

Step 5:  Next, take your lye and water bowls to a well ventilated area.  Slowly add small amounts of the lye to the water.  Stir in between each addition of the lye to the water.  NEVER add the water to the lye!  Continue doing this until all of the lye has been mixed into the water. 

Step 6:  Now, add the sodium lactate to the lye water.  Stir slowly to incorporate. 

Step 7:  Carefully, add the mixture of the lye water to the crockpot.  Give this a quick stir with a spatula.

Step 8:  Get your stick blender and now start to blend the mixture directly in the crockpot.  You will want to do this for 10 minutes on and off.  Blending in short bursts, will not over work your stick blender.   Once you have the batter at light trace, add the teal soap colorant.  Stick blend to incorporate. 

Please Note:  We added our Fun Soap Colorant to this step to ensure a consistent color for the entire soap batter.  If you are using herbs or other additives, you will want to add them in step 13 before the fragrance oil. 

Step 9:  Now, you will notice the mixture will resemble pudding.  You will know it is truly trace when you can use the mixture to draw a "line".  Trace is reached when the line stays on top of the rest of the soap batter.

Step 10:  Now, once trace has been reached, set your crockpot on the low setting.  And, place your lid onto the crockpot.

Step 11:  Allow your soap mixture to cook, periodically stirring.  This is done to ensure that the soap cooks evenly, and does not scorch on the bottom.  As the soap cooks, you will notice that the batter is beginning to dry out, especially along the sides.  The mixture will also take on a waxy look.

Step 12:  When the soap batter has the consistency of mashed potatoes and has been cooking for about 1 hour, it is time to prepare your mold.

Step 13:  This can be a tricky step, so you will want to do this quickly.  Add the purrs & paws fragrance oil.  Stick blend to fully incorporate. 

Step 14:  Now, in a scooping manner; begin filling your pound loaf molds individually.

Step 15:  When the mold cavities are filled, you will want to carefully hit the mold against the counter top. This will release any bubbles of trapped air that may be in your soap mixture.

Step 16:  Insulate your soap.  Once the soap has been covered, it is time to let it cool and harden overnight (about 12 hours).

Step 17:  Once your soap has completely cooled and hardened, it is time to remove the soap from the molds.  Now, cut the soap and it is ready to use!  But, if you are seeking a harder bar, allow the soap to cure longer.

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