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 Play Dough Soap Recipe download-recipe

Play Dough Soap Recipe

A fun soap craft to really spark the creativity during bath time.

Recipe makes approximately 9 ounces.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other items you will need:
Wax Paper
Ziploc Bags (for storage)
Microwave Safe Bowl
Mixing Bowl
Distilled Water

103 grams- Arrowroot Powder
24 grams- Vegetable Glycerin
112 grams- Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base
14 grams- Fractionated Coconut Oil
13 grams- Doodle Bug Fragrance Oil
3 grams- Optiphen Preservative
25-30 drops- Da Bomb Soap Colorant

Step 1:  In a small mixing bowl, weigh out 24 grams of Vegetable Glycerin and 21 grams Arrowroot Powder.  Mix these two ingredients with a fork to make a paste.  Set aside. 

Step 2:  Next, in your microwave safe container, weigh out and melt 112 grams of Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base in the microwave 30 seconds at a time. Stir gently.  Keep melting until all soap is in a liquid state.

Step 3:  Once all the soap is melted, place 14 grams Fractionated Coconut Oil, and 13 grams Doodle Bug Fragrance Oil.  Stir Well.  Then, add your paste mixture to the melted soap mixture and stir thoroughly.

 Step 4:  Add your colorant.  Through our testing we have found that in order to have a nice bold color you will need to add 25-30 drops of Da Bomb soap colorant.  If you are looking for more of a pastel color, add only 10-15 drops.  Mix well. Finally, place your thermometer in the mixture and wait for the correct temperature.

Step 5:  Weigh out and add your 3 grams Optiphen.  Please remember, the preservative optiphen should be added to your recipe when your mixture is between 110 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.   Mix well.

Step 6:  Weigh out 80 grams of Arrowroot Powder.  Do not add all 80 grams at once, you want to add some, then work it in using a fork, add some more, etc; until all 80 grams are used.

Step 7:  Lay out a piece of wax paper.  Then, weigh out 2 additional grams of arrowroot powder.  This additional 2 grams will be used to lightly coat your hands while you are kneading on the wax paper. 

Step 8:  Using a spatula, scrap the soap mixture out of the bowl, and onto the wax paper. 

Coat your hands with the arrowroot powder, and carefully start kneading the soap mixture.  You will notice that it may still be tacky, but keep kneading and coating your hands until all additional 2 grams of arrowroot is used in the soap dough.

Step 9:  When you are finished kneading, roll your dough into a ball form and let set out 20 minutes. 

Step 10:  The playdough soap is now ready to use.  If you choose, you may store the playdough soap in a Ziploc bag until you are ready to use.

Please Note:  If you would like, you may use the Fun Soap Colorants instead of the Da Bomb Colorants.  However, if you do use the Fun Soap Colorants, you must also add 6 grams of distilled water to Step 3.  The rest of the recipe stays the same.

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