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 Beeswax Candle Recipe download-recipe

Beeswax Candle Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 4 various sized beeswax candles.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Stirring Spoon
9 x 13 cake pan
bubble wrap
Pot (for double boiler)

Step 1:  Prepare the wax:  Using the double boiler method weigh out and melt 454 grams of beeswax.  You want to set the temperature of your stove top between medium and low heat.

Step 2:  Monitor the beeswax as it melts, stirring occasionally. 

Step 3:   Once the beeswax is in a liquid state, add 4 drops of Spectrum Green Candle Dye and 1 drop of Spectrum Blue Candle Dye.  Stir.

Step 4:  Place your pouring pot back into the heat source.  

Step 5: Preparing for the Honeycomb Look:  Lay your cake pan on a flat surface.  Then, place the bubble wrap inside the cake pan with the bubble side up. 

Step 6:  Scent the Wax:  Weigh out 45 grams of Morning Glory & Honeysuckle Type Fragrance Oil.  Remove your beeswax from the heat source and add the fragrance.  Stir.

Step 7:  Gently pour the beeswax slowly over the bubble wrap.  Allow this to fully set up. Please Note:  Do not rush the set up of beeswax or it may crack.

Step 8:  Attach the wick tabs to your cut wicks.  Depending on the size of candles you are making this will vary. 

Step 9:  Once the beeswax has harden and cooled, gently remove it from the cake pan.

Step 10:   Carefully, peel away the bubble wrap.  Take your time while doing this.

Step 11:  Your beeswax is now ready to be rolled.  Using a knife, cut the length of the candles you would like to make.  You can make your candles taper like, pillar like, or to any size you would like. 

Step 12:  Then, place your wick on one edge of the wax and gently begin to tightly roll it.  Keep your roll tight, and as your candle grows in width, the wax will be easier to roll.  Repeat  this step for each candle you are making.  

Your beeswax candles are now ready.  Simply trim your wick, place it on a heat resistant surface, light, and enjoy!

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