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HTP 83 Candle Wicks

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Our HTP 83 candle wicks are a great choice for any homemade candle makers that love using soy wax for their creations. These 7-inch wicks are versatile and strong, as they are cotton braided with thin paper fibers intertwined to provide impressive structural strength. HTP candle wicks are also called ‘high tension paper’ wicks’ and they burn hotter than many other types of wicks, producing less smoke and mushrooming for spectacular results. Our HTP 83 candle wicks are available in sample pack, 100-pack, and 1000-pack varieties.

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Usage & Recommendations

Tips for using our HTP-83 candle wicks:

HTP-83 candle wicks are 7 inches long, with a 3mm tab and work best for medium-sized containers with a diameter of approximately 3.5 inches.

Our wicking suggestions are based on using fragrance oils, not straight essential oils, and we do not accept returns on our wicks. We advise purchasing sample packs before committing to larger quantities. 

Product Details:
Wick Type:
HTP Wick
Wick Length:
7 Inch
Tab Diameter:
20 mm
Container Specifics:
Candle Type:
Container Diameter:
3.5 Inches
Wax Specifics:
Soy Wax:
Joy Wax:
Gel Wax:


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