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Clamshell for Candles, Soaps, Cosmetics

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Our clamshell containers are ideal for cube-shaped scented wax tarts. These containers work great for instant packaging, so you have your wax ready to go when you need it. Each clamshell holds approximately 3.5 oz of wax and makes six 1x1-inch wax snaps. You can also use them to make cube-shaped bath melts, sugar cube scrubs, and more. These containers are for packaging only, and the wax is not included.

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Usage & Recommendations

Tips for using our clamshell containers:

Directions for Use:

  1. Pour wax right into the clamshell for instant packaging (make sure to pour at low wax temperature)
  2. Snap wax in the package and place wax snap in a tart burner.
Container Specifics:
Six 1" x 1" wax snaps
Wax Capacity:
3.5 ounces


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