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Candle Colorants

Candle Colorants

Candle Coloring at Wholesale Prices

Liquid Candle Dyes & Concentrated Color Blocks

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Customer Reviews of Our Candle Coloring and Dyes

There's no doubting how great these dyes are. Very bold colors, a little goes a long way. Yeah, you do have to be a careful, but when you are using color dye, especially concentrated dye, that's a given. I hardly had to squeeze the bottle before a drop was coming out. NG's products are fantastic, easy to use, economical and help us create top-of-the-line products. I can never say "Thank You" enough!

"I don't have to put as much liquid. With other companies I was using half a bottom to get the desired depth of color. Just a few drops, careful, and I have the best colors I have seen yet. Purples are purple and Reds are red! Bravo!"
Mi9 Retail