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 Blueberry Pie Candles Recipe download-recipe

Blueberry Pie Candles Recipe

Blueberry Candles Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 4 candles

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mixing Spoons
Pot (For Double Boiler)
Baking Pan (9”x 13”)
Wax Paper 
Blueberries Mold (
Paint Brush
Step 1:  Weigh out 35 grams of Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax.  Use a double boiler to melt the candle wax. Then, add 2 grams of a violet color block and 2 drops of the black liquid candle dye.  Use a spoon to stir the ingredients until they are fully blended.

Step 2:  Add 7 grams of the Blueberry Fragrance Oil.  Once again, stir to blend everything together. Pour the wax into the blueberry mold.  Once setup, remove them from the mold. Then, repeat steps 1 and 2 to create more blueberries.
Step 3:  Create the pie bases.  Weigh out and melt 375 gram of the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax using a double boiler.  Then, add 1 drop of the brown liquid candle dye and 1 drop of the yellow liquid candle dye.  Stir to blend everything together.
Step 4:  Next, add the scent.  You will need to blend 37 grams with your melted wax.  Once blended, place a wick pin in the center of each mold.  Then, pour the wax into 4 of the tart/pie molds. When the pies are almost setup, but still warm to the touch, place the blueberries.  You want to press just slightly so that they stay in place. 

Step 5:  Once your pies have setup completely, take them out of the mold.

Step 6:  Begin creating the lattice for the pies.  Melt 80 grams of beeswax. Then, add a toothpick of yellow liquid candle dye and a toothpick of brown liquid candle dye.  Stir.
Step 7:  Now, add 10 grams of the Blueberry Fragrance Oil.  Again, stir to blend the scent with the beeswax. Pour the beeswax onto to pan lined with wax paper.  Once the wax has setup, cut strips that are about six inches in length and about ⅛” inch in width. You will need about 32 of them.

Step 8: Place the strips in a lattice pattern on each pie.  Trim any extra.  
Step 9:  Place the trimmings back in your double boiler.  Once melted use the paintbrush and paint around the diameter of each pie to keep the lattice in place and to give the pie a crust look.

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