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Aspen Winter Fragrance

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Aspen Winter FragranceAspen Winter Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Aspen, Colorado is the ideal location for a destination vacation — for your nose! (Probably the rest of you, too, but it’s about a five hour flight from Cleveland, Ohio to Aspen, so I’m gonna stay put and just smell the scent.) A beautiful town located in the Rocky Mountains, Aspen is a popular ski resort, and it seems that the only times it doesn’t snow there are the summer months July and August. It’s even been home to the Winter X Games since 2002 (extreme sports – ESPN in Aspen). Aspen is ideal for winter sports because there’s so much snow! This scent will evoke the feeling of standing on a snowy mountain top, overlooking the beautiful Colorado landscape, without having to bundle up!

What Does Aspen Winter Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

The aroma of crisp citrus notes of orange and lemon and sweet cherry, intertwining with an abundance of warm winter spices of clove and cinnamon, sitting on a dry down of sweet vanilla and musk.
Top notes: Orange, lemon, and cherry
Mid notes:  Clove, cinnamon, and spice
Base notes:  vanilla and musk

How Do Our Customers Use Aspen Winter Fragrance Oil?

They surround themselves with this sweet, spicy scent by making darling decorative candles. Aspen Winter performs perfectly in joy wax and wow wax and is nice and strong in soy wax. Unfortunately, it is not gel wax compatible. The maximum recommended usage percentage in vegetable and paraffin waxes is 10%. Our coloring suggestions for candles are to use 3 drops of blue liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax or shred a small about of blue color block into your melted wax. Remember to never use crayons to color your candles- they’ll clog your wick!

They also scent rooms in simpler ways (sans wax). The maximum recommended usage percentage for this crisp accord in incense & potpourri is 50%. This fragrance comes across nice and strong in aroma beads and would make a nice filler for any reed diffuser kit.

You can clean with it, too! The maximum recommended usage percentage in cleaning products is 5%.

Customers use this scent to create beautiful bath and body products. Aspen Winter performed well in bath and body products. The maximum recommended usage percentage for this full-bodied fragrance in soaps, bath oils, and bath gels is 5%. Our cold process soap testing results found that Aspen Winter has perfect pour: no acceleration, no ricing, and no separation. The scent stays nice and strong after cure. It does, however, discolor soap to a dark chocolate color. This is likely due to the 12% vanillin content of the fragrance. High vanillin content increases the likelihood of discoloration in bath and body products. One way to combat discoloration is to try Vanilla White Color Stabilizer, but you are responsible for the results in your finished products. Otherwise, our coloring suggestions for bath and body products are to use blue soap colorant in the amount that satisfies you. Never color your bath and body products with candle dye; don’t do it!

As for the shape of your soap, you’re welcome to make it in any shape you like- but how cute would little Aspen-Winter-scented snowflake soaps be? We’ve got a medium-sized snowflake soap mold perfect for melt-and-pour soap, and we also have a mini-snowflake mold for mini-snowflake soaps (or even mini-snowflake candle tarts)!

Customers also use this scent in body applications outside of the bath. The maximum recommended usage percentage for this spicy scent in lotions and perfumes is 5%. This fragrance performed perfectly in perfumes.


Frost & Snowdrops Scent

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frost and snowdrops fragrance oilFrost & Snowdrops Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Hello all you wonderful people out there! Are you excited for the beautiful snow and the cold of winter? I know I sure am! This is my favorite season and it brings such magical times and holidays along with it! Anything can happen during Christmas! Are you looking for a creative fragrance to add to your projects to tie in just a hint of the winter chill and the beauty of snow? Then our Frost & Snowdrops scent is just what you’ve been looking for! It is the perfect fragrance to tie the winter season into your creations!

What Does Frost & Snowdrops Smell Like?

Frost & Snowdrops by Nature’s Garden is the perfect unisex blend of a sandalwood background embracing a romantic musk with the aroma of delicate winter flowers mixed in as well!

How Do Our Customers Use Frost & Snowdrops?

Do you love the beauty of icicles? Or maybe you love watching the snow falling from the sky? I know I love building snowmen and having snowball fights! No matter what your favorite part about winter is, it is still the most magical time of the year! Frost & Snowdrops is definitely the perfect fragrance to bring to mind that sting of the cold winter air on your cheeks. When you use this fragrance in the candle making process, it works nice and strong in soy wax, while performing perfectly in wow wax and joy wax! If you would like to fill your house with a touch of the winter season, make sure to use Frost & Snowdrops in some nice and strong aroma beads! If you are more into making potpourri and incense, Frost & Snowdrops has a maximum recommended usage rate of 50%!

For bath and body products, this is the perfect winter fragrance! It actually has a maximum recommended usage rate of 5%. Some common bath and body products that can include Frost & Snowdrops are lotions, bath gels, bath oils, soaps, and perfumes. Frost and Snowdrops does have a .15% vanillin content. Having a vanillin content means that this fragrance may tend to discolor your products, so using Vanilla White Color Stabilizer can help with the discoloration. For all you cold process soapers out there, this magical winter fragrance is definitely perfect for you! Our CP findings are: there is no acceleration or ricing and it has a perfect pour. Frost & Snowdrops also has no separation or discoloration, with just a light scent when used in cold process soaps.

Now that I’m sure you want to get your hands on this wonderful fragrance, all you have to do is type “frost snow” into the search bar on our website. That will take you directly to our Frost & Snowdrops Fragrance Oil page! But make sure to check out all of our amazing free recipes and classes as well, like our Snowball Soap or our Glistening Snowflakes Potpourri which are both perfect for the upcoming holiday season! Enjoy these amazing Christmas products and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!

frost and snow drops

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Mistletoe & Ivy Fragrance Oil

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Natures Garden’s Mistletoe & Ivy Fragrance Oil is a classic holiday scent!

Mistletoe & Ivy Fragrance OilFragrance Oil Spotlight

If you are wondering if there are any scents available that truly capture the scent that is Christmas, then Natures Garden’s Mistletoe & Ivy Fragrance should be on your testing list. Mistletoe & Ivy is a perfect scent for those seeking a touch of pine without being overwhelmed by the notes. This fragrance oil has a perfect balance of everything holiday making this scent a “new Christmas favorite” for many of Natures Garden’s customers.

What does Mistletoe & Ivy Smell Like?

A sensual Christmas fragrance oil by Natures Garden that will help you get kissed under the mistletoe! Mistletoe & Ivy fragrance blends together cedar leaf, Siberian fir, English holly, holiday mistletoe, cooling camphor, trailing ivy, sandalwood, vetiver, and frosted musk.

How Do Our Customers Use Mistletoe & Ivy Fragrance Oil?

For anyone who is a candle crafter or home scenter; this scent is used in gel, paraffin, soy, WOW and Joy waxes. Mistletoe & Ivy fragrance oil has a very strong hot scent throw completely filling your home with the wonderful scent of Christmas time. This fragrance oil also works very well for hanging air fresheners, electric warmers, and potpourri.

For bath and body crafters, this fragrance oil performs amazingly and the scent retention is awesome! The usage percent for this fragrance oil is 5% and is used to make: bubble bombs, lotions, body sprays, body creams, melt and pour soap, scrubs, and lotion bars. Finally, for those of you that are cold process soapers, this fragrance is phenomenal. Here are the official results: Perfect Pour, no ricing, no acceleration, no discoloration, performs beautifully, perfect holiday scent, very strong, strongly recommend.