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Barley Grass Powder Benefits

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Barley Grass Powder BenefitsBarley Grass Powder Benefits

There are many barley grass powder benefits that you can utilize in your daily life. You can add this herb to typical recipes for food or beverages to enhance your diet. Also, you can use this wholesale herb to care for your skin. If you want to create some skin-loving products, then Natures Garden botanical herbs, like our Barley Grass Powder, are perfect  to include in your recipe. Whether you want to use the barley grass herb to enhance your typical diet or your natural bath and body products, you will find some wonderful benefits. Now, let’s go into a bit more detail about all the benefits that you can find in this herb for your products.

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: Growing ConditionsBarley Grass Powder Benefits: Growing Conditions

This nutritious grass grows best in soils that are loamy or clay. The soil should be well-draining, too. Barley Grass prefers soils that are between a 6 and 8 on the pH scale. Further, this herbal grass could benefit from nitrogen fertilization. While salty soils are tolerated well, a pH below 5 won’t be tolerated and can prevent healthy growth. Further, barley grass typically isn’t grown in humid climates, as the plant is more susceptible to diseases. Although the grass can still technically grow in humid climates, your yield will likely be lower than normal.

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: Growing Barley Grass at Home

Since this nutritious grass would make a perfect addition to health food, it could be useful to grow it at home. This way you’ll have a fresh supply! It is suggested that you soak your seeds in water for 8-12 hours. Then, rinse your seeds and change the water to soak again for 8-12 hours. You will need to repeat this last step about 4-5 times until they sprout tiny roots. You can use a bowl of water or you can use a Sprouter to soak the seeds. After, you can evenly spread your sprouts in a moist medium. Also, it is okay to slightly overlap your seeds to increase density of your barley grass. After, cover the top of your tray with an upside down tray to minimize light. You will need to lightly water once or twice a day to ensure that the roots bury themselves.

After, the sprouts get a bit older you can remove the cover. But, make sure to keep the soil moist and make sure that the water can drain. Also, direct sunlight would be a good idea for nice, healthy plant growth. Once your grass is about six or so inches tall, you can harvest your grass. Although you can technically harvest earlier if you are ready to use the barley grass, the timing is all about your yield. But, remember that most of the grass’s nutrients occurs in the young sprouts. So, you will want to harvest before they grow too big. After you are ready to use your herb you can cut the grass and blend it into a smoothie or other health food.

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: Industry Uses

There are many ways that you can use some of this herb to create all kinds of beneficial products. First, you can include a barley grass supplement in juices or smoothies to enhance your health foods. Further, this herb contains vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial for your body. Additionally, you can use this barley grass herb powder with other wholesale bath and body supplies to create bath and body recipes.

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: Food and BeveragesBarley Grass Powder Benefits: Food and Beverages

Often, barley grass is used to add some extra nutrients to a smoothie, tea, or homemade juice. Not only does this herb contains an abundance of nutrients, but it can be used to create delicious recipes! On its own, this wonderful herb has an earthy flavor that is described as somewhat nutty. However, the taste is not strong and has actually been described as bland. So, anyone that is not a fan of a green smoothie can easily cover up the taste with fruits. Regardless, adding some barley grass to your diet could offer some benefits for your body.

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: Benefits of Barley Grass in Your Diet

One benefit of consuming barley grass is that all the nutrients can be used to promote health all throughout your body. First, this nutrient-rich herb is full of minerals that are useful for improving bone health. The calcium, copper, and phosphorous found in this herb can be used to strengthen bones. Further, it has been found that this herb is even better for bone health than milk. Additionally, barley grass is rich in vitamin A, which can be used to promote healthy vision. Further, the vitamin A combined with the vitamin C  in this herb are good for boosting the immune system. So, this herb could be used to help your body fight off illness, like a cold.

You can utilize barley grass to promote a healthy digestive tract. First, a barley grass supplement can be used to promote regularity in bowel movements. Whether you have diarrhea or constipation, this herb has been found to be useful for bringing some balance. Also, this herb can be used to help promote the beneficial bacteria in your gut. However, you should avoid taking barley grass if you have a gluten intolerance. If you don’t have an issue with gluten, then this is sure to benefit your gut.

Also, these nutrients can benefit your hair! While barley can irritate the scalp, you hair can benefit from adding this herb to your diet. Some people have found that this herb powder can be useful for preventing hair loss. First, this herb has shown to increase blood flow to the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Also, the nutrients, like iron and vitamin B, are thought to promote hair growth.

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: Medicinal UsesBarley Grass Powder Benefits: Medicinal Uses

This healthy plant has been cultivated by civilizations for thousands of years. Over time, wheat has replaced barely in many cultures. However, barley was utilized in certain ancient civilizations. Roman gladiators were referred to as “eaters of barley”‘. In fact, these athletes were awarded barley, as it was thought to give them strength. Further, ancient Greeks were known to use barley to treat GI inflammation. Also, this herb was thought to provide strength and stamina. Today, we have many more reasons as to why barely is beneficial to our health.

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: Medicinal Benefits

Some have found that this herb can be useful for helping manage their type 2 diabetes. The barley grass herb has shown to slow your body’s natural glucose absorption. Although using this herb alone won’t be able to eliminate your diabetes, barley grass could be a great supplement to improve your condition. So, you could check with your doctor to see if this herb can be used to help control your glucose levels as you work to improve your health.

Also, you can use barley grass to reduce inflammation in the body, which can be useful for reducing pain due to inflammation. For example, it has been known that this herb can be used to reduce symptoms of arthritis. Additionally, some have found that the copper mineral in this herb can be useful for promoting joint health for those with rheumatoid arthritis. So, adding this herb to your diet can be used to reduce pain or stiffness.

Additionally, this supplemental herb can be used to help lower blood pressure and increase heart health. The barley grass is thought to be helpful for controlling hypertension. Further, the beta-glucan found in barley has been thought to help lower your absorption of cholesterol and leads to healthy levels of blood lipid levels. 

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: Bath and Body BenefitsBarley Grass Powder Benefits: Bath and Body Benefits

Not only are these nutrients wonderful for adding to your diet, but our barley cosmetic herb is useful for many bath and body recipes. The vitamins and minerals contained in this powdered herb can be used in skin care to provide many benefits.

First, this herb is known to be an antioxidant. This property is useful for protecting the skin, as it can reduce typical skin damage. This has been shown to improve the skin tone and can be used to leave your skin looking completely rejuvenated. Further, this wholesale herb can help reduce signs of aging. Nutrients, like selenium, have been shown to improve the skin’s elasticity to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. So, this herb can be useful for preventing early signs of aging. So, this would be a perfect herb to incorporate in homemade lotion recipes.

Another benefit of barley grass powder is that it is known to help reduce the effects of acne. Since barley has anti-inflammatory properties, this herb can be used to reduce the inflammation caused by the acne bacteria infection. Additionally, the azelaic acid found in barley has been known to unclogged pores and reduce acne breakouts. You can use this herb with your soap-making supplies to create some wholesale homemade soap that is cleansing and acne fighting. 

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: Other UsesBarley Grass Powder Benefits: Other Uses

One benefit of the barley grass herb is that it may be able to help you lose weight. It is thought that including this herb in your diet can be useful for losing weight. First, this herb contains amino acids and fiber. Further, barley grass can help to regulate blood sugar levels, which can reduce fat storage process. Also, using this herb can help you feel full longer and reduce your appetite.

Another beneficial way to use this herb is to supplement your diet, as this herb contains all kinds of vitamins and minerals. In fact, barley grass is useful for preventing vegetarian b12 deficiency. Since vitamin b12 typically comes from animal sources, it makes sense that this vitamin could be difficult for a vegetarian to gain. So, this nutrient rich grass, which contains vitamin b12, can be used to replace the need for meat. Plus, this herb has a few other b vitamins that can be used to help your body absorb the b12.

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: How to Eat Barley Grass

Now that you have learned a bit about the benefits of adding barley grass to your diet, you may want to find some ideas of how to use this herb in your diet. First, you can use a barley grass supplement to create various recipes, like smoothies or juices. For example, you can try this smoothie recipe from Barley Supplements. Additionally, you can use your home grown barley grass to create a nutritious recipe. If you’d like to use fresh barley grass, then check out How to Juice Barley Grass from Cultures for Health.

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: Ask Us Your QuestionsBarley Grass Powder Benefits: Ask Us Your Questions

I hope that you learned something interesting about our Barley Grass powdered herb. If you have any questions about this wholesale herb or any of our other Herbs and Spices, then feel free to ask us! You can reach out to us at the store, on the phone, or online. One easy way to find us online is on social media. You can reach out to us on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on Twitter and Instagram. Have fun with creating your natural homemade recipes and we hope to hear from you soon!

Barley Grass Powder Benefits: A Reminder About Our Herbs

Note: Natures Garden sells herbs, like our Barley Grass Powder Benefits, for external use only. We do not sell our herbs as food items and we only provide this information for educational purposes. Also, we don’t intend for you to use this information to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated this information. You should keep all herbs out of reach of children and pets. Also, pregnant and/or lactating women should take special care when handling herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our herbs. All testing is the responsibility of the customer.


How to Make Soap for Kids

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How to Make Soap for Kids

Are you interested in learning how to make soap for kids? We at Natures Garden have a few recipes that you can create for your kids or your customers kids. Many homemade soap recipes are more nourishing for the skin than commercial brands. Plus, you the soaps you create can be personalized, unique, and fun for the bath! In some of these homemade soap recipes you can include the kids in creating. Although kids should have adult supervision, as there will be heat involved, melt and pour soap is the best for setting up soap crafts for kids. So, these recipes for kids soap can be fun to use and to make!

How to Make Soap for Kids: Blackberry Cupcake Soaps RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Blackberry Cupcake Soaps Recipe

One fun idea for making soap for kids is the delightful Blackberry Cupcake Soaps Recipe. This homemade soap is effective for cleaning and is fun for everyone! First, this soap cupcake is perfect for getting clean and smelling good. Not only is this soap, but the recipe includes the scrumptious Blackberry Jam Fragrance Oil. Plus, this recipe is easy to create. This recipe uses melt and pour soap and whipped soap base, so you can include your kids in creating this craft. Further, this recipe is looks like a yummy cup cake. This is a cute idea for kids soap, as anyone would love to smell as yummy as a cupcake! So, everyone is sure to love this recipe that is fun to both use and create.

How to Make Soap for Kids: Happy Hippo Soap Crayons RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Happy Hippo Soap Crayons Recipe

Another fun idea for making homemade kids soap is the Happy Hippo Soap Crayons Recipe! This soap recipe lets your kids draw on the shower walls during their bath. Between the cute shapes and the fun drawing, this soap gives kids a reason to get excited about taking a shower. So, they can have some fun while they get clean. Not only will your kids get clean, but the they will smell lovely due to the fragrance oil. The Childrens Room Fragrance Oil is light, clean and is reminiscent of the aroma of Mr. Bubble bubble bath. Plus, this soap recipe uses diamond clear melt and pour soap and water soluble colorants. This means that clean up is simple and the drawings can be wiped off with some water. So, these shower crayons are cleansing and super fun for the kids and easy clean up for the parents!

How to Make Soap for Kids: Lemon Squares Soap RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Lemon Squares Soap Recipe

Another delicious soap recipe that you can create together is the Lemon Squares Soap Recipe. This layered soap recipe is meant to look just like the real dessert. These squares are perfect for individual use, so they can be easier for kids soap. Plus, the scent of the Lemon Squares Fragrance Oil is amazing. So, this is a sweet treat that will leave you clean and smelling absolutely scrumptious.

How to Make Soap for Kids: Floating Ducky Melt and Pour Soap RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Floating Ducky Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

If you like rubber ducks in the bath, then you are going to want to see this next soap recipe for kids. Our Floating Ducky Melt and Pour Soap Recipe brings all the fun of a rubber duck and adds the benefits of homemade soap. Since this recipe uses light, fluffy whipped soap base, there is plenty of air trapped in the soap to make the soap float. So, your swimming rubber duck will actually be able to float in your bath! Plus, this soap recipe smells clean and fresh with the Baby Clean Fragrance Oil. So, bath time will get your kids clean and smelling like our clean and complex fragrance oil.

How to Make Soap for Kids: Graffiti Melt and Pour Soap RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Graffiti Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Also, you can try out a recipe for easy soap making for kids. The Graffiti Melt and Pour Soap Recipe is a soap recipe that is fun to create. Simply have an adult heat up the colored soap and create the white bar of melt and pour soap, and you can let your children decorate their own soap! The kids can use their favorite colors and create a make a soap that they will be proud and excited to use.  Just make sure there is some adult supervision to make sure everything is safe. Plus, this soap recipe smells great, as it is scented with the Country Garden Fragrance Oil. So, you are sure to have a bar of soap that smells great and looks absolutely perfect!

How to Make Soap for Kids: Ghost Soap RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Ghost Soap Recipe

Another fun Halloween soap recipe is the fun Ghost Soap Recipe. So, this is a second perfect way to create spooky crafts for kids. This recipe uses a cupcake soap mold and uses whipped soap base to create a spooky ghost. Not only is this soap cute and fun to make, but it is perfect for getting clean. This soap recipe uses melt and pour soap and some fragrance oil to enhance your bath experience. The scent use is the Alien Princess Fragrance Oil, which has the unique aroma of bright melon and sparkling mandarin are mixed with orange blossom, star jasmine and rose. A woody base is supplemented by vanilla and musk. These may be ghosts, but there is nothing scary about this soap. It is perfect for cleaning and adding some fun to bath routine.

How to Make Soap for Kids: Crayon Soap Recipe How to Make Soap for Kids: Crayon Soap Recipe

Another option for you to create soap crayons is the Crayon Soap Recipe. These homemade soaps are just as just as wonderful as the hippo crayons. But, this recipe has a different twist that may suit your child better. This recipe still uses melt and pour soap, but this recipe uses a different soap mold. The Crayon Mold Market Mold is used to create soap crayons that actually look and feel like crayons. So, your kids will have an easier time holding and drawing with these soaps. Plus, this soap making recipe uses three different fragrance oils. These scents used are Oatmeal Milk-n-Honey Fragrance Oil, Bedtime Baby Fragrance Oil and Chamomile Fragrance Oil. These fragrances smell light and clean, so they are perfect for creating bath products. This means that this homemade soap recipe that is fun and perfect for getting clean.

How to Make Soap for Kids: Neapolitan Cupcake Soap RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Neapolitan Cupcake Soap Recipe

The Neapolitan Cupcake Soap Recipe is a wonderful ideas for creating kids soap. Not only is this cupcake soap adorable, but this recipe has a perfect aroma. his soap recipe contains the true aroma of Buttercream Cupcake Fragrance Oil, Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil and Strawberry Preserves Fragrance Oil. These delicious aromas combined with the soap base creates a perfect bath and body recipe.

How to Make Soap for Kids: Dracula's Dentures RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Dracula’s Dentures Recipe

Also, you can create a funny soap that kids will love. The Dracula’s Dentures Recipe is a cute idea for kids that think monsters are cool. Plus, this is a perfectly themed recipe for Halloween. So, this creative soap is the perfect way to celebrate this holiday without being too scary for little ones. Further, this kids soap recipe will leave your kids feeling clean and smelling great due to the Lunar Eclipse Fragrance Oil. This soap smells sweet with the aroma of exotic florals, vanilla and honey. So, this soap recipe is perfect for having some fun and getting clean.

How to Make Soap for Kids: Gumdrop Melt and Pour Soap RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Gumdrop Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Further, you can create some cute little soaps that look almost exactly like candy, specifically gumdrops. These little soaps are made with the Gumdrop Melt and Pour Soap Recipe. You can perfectly use this recipe for bath time, as these soaps are colorful, cleansing and sweet. The sweetness of these gumdrop soaps is partially due to the scrumptious aroma of the Goodie Goodie Gumdrops Fragrance Oil. This has the aroma of real spiced gumdrops with a lovely twist that matches these soaps perfectly. Your kids are sure to love these sweet little soaps!

How to Make Soap for Kids: Loofah Honey Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Also, you can create the Loofah Honey Melt and Pour Soap Recipe for your kids. This homemade soap includes a real loofah. So, your kids can easily clean and scrub with just the soap recipe. This makes it super easy to bathe. Plus, this homemade soap recipe uses the delightful aroma of our Mango Fragrance Oil. Altogether, this recipe is easy to use and perfect for getting fresh and clean!

How to Make Soap for Kids: Metallic Kiss Soap Recipe

Another fun option for homemade kids soap is the Metallic Kiss Soap Recipe. This is a super fun and glamourous soap recipe that would be a great idea for kids. This bar of soap has a great scent and uses mica dust! This mica is basically cosmetic glitter, so your soap will be blingy and gorgeous. Not only is this bar of soap beautiful and shiny, but this recipe has a few different colorant options to chose between. You are sure to love this adorable kiss soap.

How to Make Soap for Kids: Pumpkin Puke Soap Jelly Recipe

Plus, you can use melt and pour soap to create a soap slime recipe. Our Pumpkin Puke Soap Jelly Recipe is both cleansing and fun to create for kids to play with. This recipe is perfect for children that enjoy slime. So, think about creating a slime that can double as soap next time you consider creating slime with you kids!

How to Make Soap for Kids: Orange Cream Cupcake Soap RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Orange Cream Cupcake Soap Recipe

Also, you can create the lovely Orange Cream Cupcake Soap Recipe. This soap recipe is a great idea for creating kids soap. Not only is this cupcake soap fun, but this soap recipe smells amazing. This soap smells like Orange Cream Cupcake Fragrance Oil. So, you will have a soap that is looks and smells delicious. You are sure to love this soap for your bath.

How to Make Soap for Kids: Play Dough Soap Recipe

Additionally, you can create a soap recipe that allows you to mold and create the perfect shape. The Play Dough Soap Recipe is a unique recipe that your kids will love. This recipe takes melt and pour soap and makes it moldable. This allows children to create a soap that is fun to play with and create shapes. While this recipe is similar to play dough, the difference is that this soap recipe is still cleansing and scented with Doodle bug Fragrance Oil.

How to Make Soap for Kids: Play Dough Embed Soap Recipe

Further, you can include your creations from the previous recipe in the Play Dough Embed Soap Recipe. Another option for using this playdough soap is including your creations in a bar of soap. So, you can use the play dough soap to make a fun design of picture. Then, you can add this creation as an embed soap. This will let you use your soap creation and keep it intact for a bit longer. This makes it easier to use your soap creation without your model to fall apart.

Best Apple Fragrance Oils Tart Green Apple Fragrance Oil RecipeHow to Make Soap for Kids: Monster Snot Soap Jelly Recipe

Also, the Monster Snot Soap Jelly Recipe is another fun ideas for kids soap. This idea is especially perfect for kids that love slime! This soap recipe is similar to slime, but it uses the cleansing power of melt and pour soap. Plus, this soap jelly smells like delightful due to our Tart Green Apple Fragrance Oil. So, this soap jelly recipe would be a great idea for kids to play with in the bath.

natures gardenHow to Make Soap for Kids: Talk to Us

We hope that you have enjoyed these fun ideas for making kids soap. We would love to hear about your favorite recipes for creating kids soaps. If you would like to share your creations or ask questions about these soap recipes, then you can look us up on social media. We are on Facebook, and you can find us on Instagram and Twitter with @ngscents. We hope that to hear from you soon!